Tuesday, September 24, 2013

a pleasant Sunday afternoon

We went to Bob and Barb's beautiful timber frame home Sunday for dinner and football.  They built this home with their own blood, sweat and tears after a very difficult time in their lives.  Its a triumph and a warm, welcoming refuge.

Bob cooked a HUGE prime rib outside and Barb pared it with the bounty of their big vegetable garden and her yummy home made rolls.  Freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake with choc./peanut butter frosting completed the meal.    Dave was practically purring with contentment as he ate the fresh tomatoes, corn and, of course, plenty of horseradish on his prime rib!   To top it all off, she sent us home with a large box of the season's last tomatoes (regular and yellow cherry), a small sweet watermelon, rolls, a loaf of her buttermilk honey bread, slices of prime rib, pieces of choc. cake and a bag full of cookies - how lucky can we get!

It was  nice to spend time with them again.   We used to see them quite often, but life has intervened lately so we really reveled in their company.   I got my Golden Retriever fix which is very important!

Barb has the rapt attention of Peggy Sue, Harley and Bella as she eats her cake
Can you say......drool?

The Buffalo Bills (our home town team) football game was on so Dave and Bob were occasionally held speechless in front of the TV....

Today Dave and I enjoyed second cup and cocktail hour in the cool fall sunshine.  Actually, Dave enjoyed a cocktail and I had ice tea (I'm temporarily on a med. that the Dr. warned me would cause "severe vomiting" if I have anything alcoholic), but the setting was lovely and appreciated nonetheless.      Between those two interludes we worked together in the dusty, sneezey garage trying to clear some space to start staging "stuff" to either offer at a garage sale, throw out, or pack up for storage.  Ugh, sneeze, cough, sigh, snarl, shuffle, shuffle, shuffle.    In the end a nice sized area of garage floor was uncovered and thats a good start!

My camera is officially listed as "in the shop" on the Nikon repair website, so I'm getting closer to being able to use my flip phone to communicate instead of trying to capture pictures - and thats a good thing.


  1. Wow! That was a real feast...lucky you! And to think that you get to do it all over again the next night!

    Cleaning out is a terrible job, but it sure does feel good when you are finished.

  2. They must have loved that game. They didn't even sit down.

  3. What a feast. I miss my garden more than anything, but try to make up for it by going to weekly farmers' markets.

    Does cleaning out mean you are taking the steps to become full-timers?