Thursday, September 12, 2013

Uncle Mike

Sunday Dave and I drove about 50 miles northwest to Pine Hill Airport to attend a fly in breakfast.   Dave's brother, Uncle Mike, belongs to a radio control flying club and their home base airport was hosting a breakfast for the community.    We've been to these kinds of affairs in the past but there would be demonstrations of radio control flying (rc) as well as sky diving exhibitions and a host of private planes to check out at this day.     The morning was beautiful and sunny.

the wind was pretty fresh

one corner of an impressive display of radio controlled aircraft in the hangar

Uncle Mike smiles in front of his custom built rc plane hauler

Bank boys pause to watch a Piper getting ready for take off

Uncle Mike's plane's complicated control box

Mike explains, Dave listens.....

model beneath its big brother!
Finger's crossed that this post publishes.   Lots of troubles with google right now.....


  1. You got it published.

    I think that would be a ton of fun watching those planes fly. We have never seen this event.

  2. We were watching the RC guys in Washington while we were there. The amount of stuff this hobby requires is amazing. Some of the pilots are just amazing with what they can get the planes to do.