Sunday, September 29, 2013

Another pleasant Sunday

Today was a beautiful fall day, clear blue sky, warm dry air, the trees splashed with autumn's beautiful reds, golds and oranges.   I didn't even attempt to capture them on my phone's camera, it would be a sacrilege.  I expect the repaired camera to arrive tomorrow, then I'll try to show you how beautiful the colors are.

Dave was released from Dr.'s care this week and now only has to go for physical therapy once a week til we leave.  He's keeping pretty busy puttering around Beluga, taking care of small jobs he hasn't had time to fiddle with.    We're eating our meals on a rickety card table while he refinishes our lovely old oak pedestal table.   You'll remember that my over zealous rubbing with Dawn liquid lifted half of its finish.   I needn't have worried, Mr. David's Woodworking Shop has pick up service and the table is well on its way to health.  A few more coats of clear and it will be back in the kitchen again.

trusty card table pressed into service

Wednesday I met cousin Amy for lunch in Batavia.   She lives on Grand Island (across from the Niagara River and Niagara Falls) so Batavia is about halfway between our two houses.   We lived next door to each other  from the time she was born until we got married and moved away.  Her mom was my mother's sister and one of the most beloved people in my life.
We haven't seen each other often in the last some years, but we always stay in touch and it was wonderful meeting face to face and getting caught up on each other's lives.

Amy sent me this beautiful sunset picture from her porch....see the mist rising off Niagara Falls in the distance?

Later this morning Dave and I went fifth wheel shopping with dear friends Cindy P and Walter.  They've been in the market for a smaller, used rig so they can travel a bit and still enjoy the company of their sweet doxies.   They've been combing the internet for something that would fit the bill and today it was love at first sight!  SOLD!   Its an older, very well made beauty that has been used lightly, and carefully maintained.   We look forward to its arrival in their driveway.

After our busy morning shopping we stopped by  my favorite farm market, Hurd Orchards, to buy some fresh Cortland apples - Dave's favorite.   As we walked into their huge old barn and browsed among the bushels of apples, dried flowers, candles and gourds, we were suddenly overwhelmed by the need for a slice of warm apple pie!    There were tables scattered around the rustic interior of the barn, complete with linen table cloths and pitchers of fall flowers, and the four of us enjoyed wedges of their Northern Spy Apple Pie topped with a dollop of fresh whipped cream.   My my, we were pleased with ourselves...

following a pumpkin trail into the apple barn at Hurd Orchards

lovely flowers on our apple barn table

After our little snack we popped back into the market and bought a few goodies to take home.   I just had to get a whole pie, it tasted just like my mother's used to...Mmmmmm


  1. Don't you just love fall. There are so many beautiful colors, smells and sites to see. The flowers are so lovely.

    I just did a little bit of autumn decorating. Pumpkins are a necessary staple for any autumn decorating decor.

  2. Good hear Dave's been cleared by the doctor! Now to not over do it!

    This is a good time of year to be in the apple areas of the east. I am loving the fresh picked apples. My favorite are Honeycrisp. As a matter of fact, John and I had to pick our first batch because they hadn't made into the store yet.

    Hope our camera arrives!!

  3. What a lovely farm stop! That's great your friends found a great used rig. Sounds like you'll have some new camping buddies soon!

  4. I hope the nice weather there holds as we have plans to head to Niagara Falls in a couple weeks.

    The farm market looks so inviting with the beautiful dahlias, autumn displays, and fresh apple pie. Yum!

  5. What a classic fall day. Very nice! And pie........ mmmmm.