Saturday, October 5, 2013

Burning the midnight oil

Dave is burning the midnight oil, tying up loose ends, finishing projects, putting "summer" away for another year, and getting Beluga ready to hit the road.   I, however, have been more or less on the couch for way too long.  It started with a bout of the "divertic" that layed me low, and just when I started feeling like myself,  an opportunistic little virus took up residence and knocked me right back down onto the couch.  Sigh.

nurse Lewis shares my pillows as he helps me feel better.
(he always brings his red ball along, just in case I rally and need something to do)

In between my periods of total inactivity, I did manage to do a few things around here, make a few campground plans and accompanied Cindy P and her little Luke to his acupuncture appointment.   Its amazing how much those tiny little needles help his back pain.   Speaking of Cindy P, we've decided to accompany them and their new baby (new to them 5th wheel) to Martin's Carriage Auction in Lebanon, Pa. the middle of October and thus begin our winter trip south a bit earlier than originally planned.....YES!

Luke on Dr. Hall's blanket waiting for the needles to work their magic

a post-operative Mr. David sanding table legs

table pieces in the Shop

My great old kitchen table is back where it should be and looking quite spiffy thanks to Mr. David's Woodworking Shop's careful attention.    It always pays to hire someone with a woodworking degree from a prestigious university.

the reclamation specialist walks away in disgust
Mr. David's Woodworking Shop's best worker was able to recommend a local reclamation specialist and he arrived yesterday to dig our boat out from under massive piles of red squirrel detritus.   It was a big job, the little red devils had evidently enjoyed themselves all winter and held festive parties for all their friends under its cover.   One particularly cushy nest held a few "odd" trinkets.....

I wonder what goes on in a squirrels brain......
The clean boat now resides in our attached garage, hopefully safe from the hickory and walnut orgies of last year.  One more thing off the list.

I'm getting busy (no, not "that" getting busy) scheduling lunches and/or dinners with our friends before we leave.  I made Jesse's plane reservations for his Christmas visit with us on the beach and  I even managed to fit in a pedicure, and a meeting with our accountant and financial advisor.  I must work better under pressure.

I'm now tired.....and heading back to the couch.


  1. So sorry to hear you haven't been well. I am sure a good dose of travel is just what the doctor ordered! Hopefully you are on the mend:) I'm sure Lewis was the perfect nurse:)

    Your table is beautiful. You certainly do have a wonderful list of handymen at your disposal!! Haha! I believe Dave may need a vacation.

    Love the spider web! Guess the camera is back !

  2. Hope you feel better soon! I'm looking forward to seeing ya back on the road.
    That table is FINE indeed...he's a handy one, that Dave.


  3. Egads, it seems to early in the season to be catching a bug. I hope each day brings you feeling better and better.

    The table is amazing. That university degree sure paid off.

  4. You simply can't leave that gorgeous refinished table in the house over the winter. It is in need of use ....I know where you can drop it off as you drive out of town! Lovely job, Dave!!!!! Looks splendid. Can't wait to touch it.

    Ok that Luke has hit the internet, I'll be waiting for all those phone calls to pour in, needing cute little dogs for commercials and such. $$$$$. Luke may finally be able to earn his own way! thanks, Sue! Good thing it wasn't Glory on the internet circle! That might be real trouble, though until Friday I'm calling her "my little poodle" because of her long, wavy, benji-type coat right now. Driving me nuts.