Saturday, October 26, 2013

Saturday - exhausted...

Who knew going back to the late 1600's would be so exhausting!     Today we bought our tickets, boarded the shuttle buss and went back in time.   The British colonial capital is closed to vehicular traffic, so a bus drops you off and in you go.   We walked down a shady path toward the Governor's Palace.  Everyone else took the more direct street, but this path beckoned us somehow.

this young man watched us walk by.  he didn't say a word or move a muscle

We came out out of the shadows in front of the Palace and made our way down to Duke of Glouster Street.

Since it was lunchtime, the first stop of the day was Chowning's Tavern.   I had been there with my parents once when I was a child (right, Judi?) and I had pleasant memories of our meal there.   It didn't disappoint me.

The place hadn't changed one bit since I was a young girl.   I felt like we were eating lunch with the ghosts of my mom and dad.   Williamsburg was a place my mother loved.  The salt and pepper shakers on the table in front of me were just like we had on our table at home, as were the hurricane globes and brass candlesticks.
We drank a home brewed fall ale out of the same blue and white salt ware mugs my mother used for her morning coffee.     I ate Welch Rarebit, one of my dad's all time favorites.    Our conversation revolved around memories of them and we laughed and smiled and enjoyed a really good lunch and a really pleasant walk down memory lane.

fife and drum band marched by on the street
After lunch we walked and walked, looking up and down, at the cobblestones at our feet, at details on the roofs, in the small door yards and the beautiful formal gardens.   We went into many buildings and listened to fascinating stories of every day people of the time.   Oh, and the sleek horses and carriages moving slowly along the street always caused me to stop and watch.

its clear what this sign is advertising for sale, but....

I wonder what this shop sold?

Dave enters the Secretary's house

busy at work sewing tents for the troops

moss growing on the wood roof shingles

keeping an eye on the passers by....

cobblestone streets

What a great day


  1. We, too, enjoyed our self-guided tour.

    Looks like a wonderful day to go back in time.

  2. Wow ...I want to go there too!!!! Just to see those lovely horses and carriages. Just like old times. But, as winter approaches, I'm sure glad that we have cars now.

    How nice to have those sweet memories of your parents and Judi ....sounded like some sweet reminiscing. And all those glorious pictures. Thank you.

  3. You have a great eye for photography.... I enjoyed your beautiful pictures!