Thursday, October 24, 2013

First BCA of this trip!

Its been a busy trip so far...  I'm happy to report today will a Boring Couple Alert day.  

We had a leisurely morning, then drove a short way to Williamsburg, Virginia where we'll stay for the next 5 days.   Five glorious days with nothing on our schedule, except some exploring and visiting Colonial Williamsburg.

this custom Allegro Bus came in last night after dark

it left before we did.
It was filled with young, perhaps college aged,  guys.

I warned you this would be a boring post, I was right wasn't I?


  1. Finally, we now know what BCA day means! I forgot to ask when you were here but you took care of it in today's blog...thanks!!

    Love the double rainbow:)

  2. Glad that you are having some R&R ....but still checking out and surreptitiously photographing such interesting buses. What was up with that?

  3. BCA...I'll have to remember that! We love those day.

    Beautiful picture of the rainbow!