Saturday, October 19, 2013

We survived!

We survived the 5K Zombie Run!   The Dawn of the Lititz Dead evidently was an obstacle and Zombie filled 5K run through the streets of the quaint 1700's town of Lititz, Pennsylvania.

NO....we didn't exactly participate in the run, unless you call finding a practically non-existent parking spot, dodging zombies, muddy runners, and beer drinking hordes "participating".    I said - survived.

None of us knew what we were in for when we decided to drive to Lititz for a quiet lunch and a stroll down the beautiful, historic streets for an afternoon of window shopping and chocolate consuming.  (Lititz is home to the Wilbur Chocolate Factory, established in 1865).

Ah well, we survived it all and really enjoyed our afternoon despite the crowds.  I look forward to coming back to the lovely town at a quieter time.

I'll get the zombie pictures over with first.   Don't ask me why they are wearing roller skates, I didn't realize that zombies did that........  I didn't take any pictures of the muddy runners or the beer drinkers - you all know what they look like.

is she holding a mouth guard?   Hmmmmm

Enough doors?  Here are a few other details I noticed as we walked around...

this looked like it would have made a charming pub for our lunch stop, was right next to the stage with a very loud band playing.
Did I mention the big stage with crashy, throbby music blaring?

I hope the Headmaster of Linden Hall (the nation's oldest boarding school for girls) didn't mind me sneaking around taking pictures of his beautiful stone house.

I took no pictures of my chocolate experience.  I left the camera outside with Dave and Cindy while Walter and I shouldered the awful task of narrowing down our selections from the millions of shapes, colors and flavors of candies offered.    Its a tough job, someone had to do it.

We took the dogs along with us, figuring Sasha would be happier in the quiet car than back at the campground freaking out over the gun shots.   One of the benefits of the town being filled to the brim was that we had to drive a long way from the hullabaloo to find a parking spot.   Sasha's benadryl dose kicked in and she snored quietly all the while.....

Tomorrow the Ponds break camp and drive back home and we head a bit south for a quick visit with Pam and John before resuming our trek.   I'm so glad we decided to leave home a bit early.   This has been an absolutely lovely start to this year's trip - Thanks for inviting us Cindy and Walter!


  1. The Zombies in roller skates are members of the Dutchland Rollers, a local roller derby team. Guess they figured they should wear their skates for the big event.

    Too bad there was so much activity in Lititz. It is a real cute, quaint town. You should see it at Christmas time! There is a unique pretzel factory there in town where you can make your own pretzel. Excellent pretzels both hard and soft.

    Looking forward to your arrival tomorrow:)

  2. I love the doors! And the herbs in the bundt pan...I bet I've donated several to goodwill over the years...very clever! What a bummer to find the crowds! Glad you survived.

    Safe travels and have a great visit with Pam and John.

  3. What a hoot. I don't get this Zombie fad. I can't get into the Twilight stuff at all.

    What an adorable little town. I really enjoy the door shots.

    Pam wrote me yesterday and said you were on your way....jealous? me? YES!!! Enjoy

  4. What a cute town, loved the stone building. How wonderful you get to meet up with John and Pam. Those two need to get on the road already!!!

  5. It was a fabulous weekend to get-away ....nothing better than a birthday to celebrate, a carriage auction and Lititz chocolates! Nice to come back to the RV's for relaxation, cocktails and lots of good food! Thanks, Dave and Sue ....for all your help with this new project! We loved spending time with you. Safe Travels.

  6. I sure never heard of a zombie run, but it looked pretty entertaining. Great photos of this town's quaint charm. I love doors too. It is fun to see them decorated for the different seasons.

    Glad to hear you are on the road! Safe travels.

  7. Doug & Marianne10/23/13, 2:34 PM

    What an experience, keep your eyes wide open. We love the updates.