Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Last night at home for this year.....

We had lunch with Dave's brother Mike and his wife Arline yesterday.   The last of our social engagements.   We were lucky to have Niece Lisa  join us and we all enjoyed a happy family lunch.  Lisa presented us with a beautiful hand made gift for Beluga.   She is so talented and we're honored to own a piece of her artwork.   Its sure to become a family heirloom.

Lisa quilted these beautiful double placements for us

I was worried about our new drapes being finished in time for our departure.   No need.....
Chris came through just in time.   She brought them over this morning, hung and checked the length,  then took them home to finish hemming them.   She'll have them back tomorrow and we'll then we'll enjoy our  privacy in style!    Judi thought that other camper's might enjoy seeing me dance around inside, but I know better.....

Chris works on Beluga's windshield drapes

The weather is beginning to turn....its time to head south.

the trees in the pasture are getting bare

we shared the last dregs from the margarita pitcher tonight

bye bye Fergie - I wonder who you will stare at while we're gone?
She'll be happy to see us return in the spring.

Can't wait to follow those geese...


  1. Lisa does beautiful work! I love the color combination.

    Gorgeous sky.

    Safe travels friend.

  2. Those are beautiful place mats. I like the splash of color.

    Travel safely south. See you real soon:)

  3. I know you are excited! A new adventure begins!
    The place mats are pretty...just enough color and what a nice fit. We have drapes in our front window too. Not quite as easy as shades, but very cozy.

    The picture of the pasture sure is pretty

    Safe travels!

  4. I can feel the weather change in your photos. Must be fun to be packing up again for a new adventure. Looking forward to seeing you in Florida if not before.

    Love those double placemats. I will have to show my quilting friend!