Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Catch up - part I

We can hardly keep our eyes open these past few evenings.  So, I haven't dropped off the face of the earth, or forgotten how to blog, I just seem to be afflicted with a major case of dropsy.    I think we're finally letting down from our busy schedule of socializing and household jobs and cooking and loading Beluga.   Last night I was ready to sit down at the computer, but we were staying in the Hagerstown, Md. Walmart parking lot (along with about 20 other campers!) and didn't feel like firing up the generator for power.

Today we drove south to just north of Richmond, Virginia to a fairly nice campground (Richmond North Americamps KOA).    We got in around 2:30 but after switching sites numerous times (you know me, never satisfied!) it was cocktail time.   The weather was lovely and partly sunny so we were able to set up outside and just relax with the dogs.

Last night around 5 p.m. (Monday) we unhooked the jeep, loaded up the dogs and left Beluga to fend for herself in the Walmart parking lot.    We were driving to Boonsboro, Md. to meet old friend Mary for dinner at Dan's Tap House.  I took my camera along because I knew our route would pass through some beautiful scenery but I never managed to take one picture.  I was right, Route 68 was a wonderful road, winding, hilly and very narrow.   In most places there was  no shoulder and both sides of the road were lined with old grey stone walls.  We crossed over Antietam creek (near the battleground) through multi colored, sunlit woods and past solid old houses made of brick or local stone and one particularly beautiful little church.
No where to pull off to take pictures to share with you.   We had to be content taking "pictures" with our eyes for our memory only.

Mary was waiting for us when we arrived and it was nice catching up with her over a good dinner.   Again, if I'd had my camera I would have taken a picture of the menus......they lit up when opened!   An interesting way to accommodate our old eyes in the dark pub atmosphere.     Mary brought some of her wonderful pickled green beans for Dave and they made his day - Thanks again Mary.

Oh dear, I'm sure I've bored you with this wordy and picture less entry.  Its getting late and I'm getting sleepy once again so I'll leave our  Sunday adventure with Pam and John til tomorrow.   Yawn......


  1. You need a lanyard to put around your neck to hold your

  2. Glad you arrived safely to your Walmart Campground and had a nice visit with your friend.