Sunday, October 13, 2013

Visiting like crazy

 We haven't been home for very long, at least that's what friends are telling us.  All of a sudden our departure date is less than a week away and it seems very important to see everyone once more before we turn the key and Beluga roars to life once again.

Last week we connected with new local friends that we first met in Polson, Montana.   Don and Carol were staying below us at the wonderful Polson Motorcoach Resort in July and we became good friends.   They were at the beginning of their trip and we were near the end, but we had fun together.  They pulled back in town a few weeks ago as we're getting ready to leave again, so we made plans to get together for a quick dinner and catch up on the rest of their trip.

Don and Carol in Caledonia
pay no attention to the left overs behind them....

Turns out they traded their rig in on a brand new (to them) 45 foot Monaco Executive in Texas and Don was leaving Saturday to pick it up!    We had a feeling that Don would find what he was secretly looking for and Carol said that resistance was futile!   We all enjoyed a lovely dinner at the Caledonia Village Inn and we bid them safe travels in their new coach.   We may see them in Florida this winter if the gods are smiling on us.

In between social engagements we continued to ready the house and take care of a few last minute jobs on Beluga.   My detailing guy, Mr. David, masked and painted Beluga's door lock and her stairs which were looking a bit dull.

some of  Mr. David's Detailing Service's handiwork

Thursday evening we drove up to Webster for dinner at Barb S's new condo.  Her stove died but she managed to get the store to deliver a new one that afternoon, just in time for her to prepare her famous Chicken dinner for us.   We had a number of errands to run before getting to Barb's, so we brought Sasha and Lewis along with us.  They always enjoy visiting.

Sure enough, the new stove was delivered in time.   We sat in her living room enjoying wine with apples and cheese.   It was nice enjoying a leisurely visit while "workers" were busy mowing the lawn outside her windows.    Lewis, however, thought those guys with the headphones and crazy loud mowers were way to scary for him,    He tried to be brave and not disturb us, but he finally couldn't keep it together any longer,  lept up on the couch behind Dave and peered around him until the workers finished and left us in peace.

Lewis needs to get to OZ to ask the wizard for some courage....

The stove didn't work.......When Barb started to prep dinner she discovered that only a few of the burners worked, but no lights and NO oven.    After pouring over instruction booklets, kicking it a few times and investigation of the basement breakers, I decided it was time to do something I don't often do.   I lent her my personal electrician, who is also my personal Driver - Mr. David.

my personal electrician performing his preliminary investigation into Barb's stove situation
He discovered what the problem was, but wasn't equipped to fix it then and there.   Barb treated us to a wonderful bbq dinner takeout from one of our favorite restaurants - Beale Street.   Nothing lost, we all had a delicious meal and got a good laugh about our "Company" dinner.   You know, the dinner that you've made a million times and it always turns out perfectly....except when you make it for "Company".     Mr. David made plans to come back on Saturday to take care of the wiring situation.

Friday night we had a good meal with Robin and Tom at the Humphrey House in Penfield.  and Saturday we attended Tracy and DJ's wedding celebration on Lake Ontario. (after we made a stop at Barb's to make her new stove work).     This is the life!   Good dinners and good visits with good friends.

Tracy and DJ married in a small private ceremony in their beautiful backyard earlier this summer and we were invited to join them at a lovely celebration on Lake Ontario for all their friends and family.  The weather was absolutely perfect, which isn't always a sure thing here at this time of year.  Sunny, warm, calm lake, just perfect.   JoAnn sat across from us so we had a chance to spend a little extra time with her - a real bonus visit!      Tracy was one of her daughter's first babysitters also.   We've been friends a long long time.

Tracy and DJ watch their two boys 

Matt and Zack read a poem to their parents.
little Kate was off being a social butterfly.....

Ever thoughtful Tracy had a dish of horseradish delivered to our table for Dave's prime rib.
she remembered......

Today, Sunday, we spent a little time at the Pond's house, talking them through a few things they'd need for their first camping trip in their sweet  little Sunnybrook fifthwheel.   We're looking forward to traveling with them and their three doxies later this week and to celebrating Walter's birthday "on the road"!

After lunch, we got down to business once again.  We had an appointment with Mr. David's Mobile Grooming Salon and he decided to set up his work station in his good friend Mr. David's Woodworking Shop.  He says the light is better there.   Lewis takes it all in stride, he trust Mr. David implicitly.

Tomorrow Dave's brother Mike and his wife Arline will come here for lunch and then its back to work for us.   Keep your fingers crossed, please, that my new dashboard drapes arrive in time.......


  1. Gee, you better get back on the road so you can rest! I got tired just reading all you've done this past week:)

    Looking forward to seeing you in a week:)

  2. Time flies doesn't it? Seems like you just got home for the summer!

    Fingers are crossed!

  3. That Mr. David is a "Jack" off all trades.

    What a wonderful, fun summer you two have had.

    The wedding tent looks so lovely. Those two boys sure look every proud of their parents. Congratulations to Tracy and DJ!

  4. It just really does seem like you crossed over into NY yesterday and are leaving again ...but, we are so lucky and pleased to travel a few more days with you and keeping learning about the Sunnybrook!
    Okay ...enough of this "preparing stuff to go and scuttling back and forth from house to trailer" ....I'm definitely ready for the "camping" part! You know, all those pictures under the awning, drink in hand, dinner ready and just loafing part!!!! I'm really good at those things.
    But, there might be a few tears again as we say goodbye for the winter months ...yet I am looking forward to Belugas Adventures online over the cold NY mornings!