Wednesday, October 30, 2013


We pulled out of our Walmart overnight spot around 10 this morning and took a fairly short drive south to the Briarcliffe RV Resort in North Myrtle Beach.

Along the way we stopped at a Flying J Service Center for fuel and as Dave was giving Beluga a big drink he noticed this billboard next to him.  He got a little tingle as he realized that he had made the molds for the fan blades pictured in the ad, way back in his Papago Plastics (our first company) days.   Retired, but still proud of his business accomplishments.

We have a very quiet site amongst some semi permanent "box cars" and RVs near the back of the resort.   This is an membership resort, and we're not members, but were welcomed, then presented with  a fistful of "rules" we must adhere to.   Evidently, if one is a member, one does not have the same rules.  We had to accept the site we were given, cannot put our ex pen outside unless it is shorter than 2 feet tall, can only wash our windshield with a permit (freely given,  but necessary to hang on our site post) WiFi an extra $2, dog walk in the designated areas, no hanging towels/clothes outside except on the rear of our motorhome, no feeding squirrels ($25 penalty), etc.   Most of those rules are common and non-issues really,  but because of the way they were carefully spelled out, I got the feeling that violators will be dealt with sternly.....The women in the office were carefully friendly and willing to help, but clearly have a higher authority to answer to.

At any rate, we are settled happily in our shady, paved site and will make sure to tow the line.  I was looking for a quiet spot, and this fits the bill perfectly.  We are near the beaches (dog friendly at this time of year)  and lots of restaurants and shopping but not in the thick of tourist things.  Just the way I like it.

Beluga can rest for the next week


  1. Your site looks great.

    Dave should be a very proud! Good work.

  2. How neat for Dave! A little piece of him is still out there.

    I don't remember there being all those rules. I wonder if things have changed...we'll see!
    Beluga looks very comfortable!

  3. Nice resting spot you have there! Have fun for the week.

    That's what makes life so think you're retired, but then you get a glimpse of years gone past and you know you left your mark in the world. It all comes back to you so willingly and you smile. But, you never know when it's going to happen! Nice work, Dave!

  4. We stayed in a decent park in Columbia Falls, MT that also was very "rule happy". Long list of rules on paper plus signs all over the place. Kind of rubbed me the wrong way too. I guess it means they care about their park...