Friday, October 25, 2013

BCA - again

A luxuriously lazy morning, Ah.....     After lunch we decided to drive around a bit and get the lay of the land, you know, to see what we wanted to see when we're not feeling so lazy.

We went to the Colonial Williamsburg Visitor Center,  loaded up on maps and information, and talked about what we want to see,  and how we want to see it (guided tour or on our own).   Then we headed east on  the Colonial Parkway to  Historic Yorktown on the banks of the York River.    It was a beautiful drive through sun dappled woods, under wide brick overpasses enjoying glimpses of sparkling ponds and flat stretches of river.

 On the way home we located a grocery store, but couldn't figure out how to get into its parking lot.    We drove around,  back and forth, tantalizingly close, but not close enough.    Its right there!   How do we get to it?    Grrr.  

Alls well that ends well I guess,    We finally got ourselves where we needed to be and managed to get everything on our list.   They sure have different cuts of meat down here.    I'm a bit squeamish so I carefully avoided the pork section of the meat case, sheesh!



  1. We often do the same thing on day one somewhere--take a drive and get the lay of the land.

    Exploring Williamsburg should be lovely this time of year. In retrospect, we wished we had taken more than one day to experience the village at a more relaxed pace

    I must have scared you with my pig head photo. Sorry about that!.

  2. Ditto here....maps and info the first day. We had a great time in Williamsburg. We visited there before we were RVing. Beautiful photos opps!

    Have a great time.....

  3. We just hit the visitor's center here in Goliad. Nothing like Williamsburg but need to know what is available for sightseeing in this area.

    Enjoy the beautiful fall colors in Williamsburg.