Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday - Second day at Colonial Williamsburg

Since we are over 50, we were able to take advantage of a "deal" offered on admission tickets to Colonial Williamsburg.   We paid for a one day ticket and,  as a result of being officially "old",  we can use that ticket daily until Dec. 31!    Age has its rewards.

After spending yesterday at home,  we decided to go back into the Revolutionary city today to check out some of the things we missed on our first visit Saturday.

Here are some last impressions....

British Coat of Arms on the Governor's Palace

Dave took this and wanted me to post it
He entitles it   "Camp Director consulting her maps"

brick kiln.
The bricks made here are used to do all the repair work in the restored city
Dave listens with interest in the Cabinetmaker's shop

Queen's carriage

this beautiful cobblestone lined stream flows beneath the Cabinetmaker's shop

squirrel patrol is much the same today as it was in the 18th century...

Fall is just beginning to touch the trees here

We had another really interesting day.   We visited the Governor's Palace and Gardens, the Riflesmith's,
the Cooper Shop, the Cabinetmaker's Shop and the Brickmaker's compound.and of course, the Bakery (Dave whines if he doesn't have a little something to eat with his second cup).

 We're all historyed out, we're on history overload,  if you know what I mean.  (Sorry John).   Its been really fun and we're so glad we took this route, but our brains are frazzled with dates and names and battles and
what we need now is a beach fix.     So, tomorrow we leave this fine campground and head to Myrtle Beach.    We've never been there before, we don't know what to expect but we're up for some mindless beach walking.


  1. Love the photo of the iron gates.....and the beautiful fall trees!

    Enjoy your beach time!

  2. You brought back some wonderful memories for us - thanks! Glad you enjoyed your time there and just loved, loved your photos! Hope our paths cross this coming spring. Safe travels - JoAnne & Rick

  3. Most people can only take so much learning. My head starts to hurt after a while. Sounds like some beach time is the perfect answer!

    You are a week too early!! We don't arrive in Myrtle until next Tuesday! Look at Briarcliff RV. I think you will be pleased with the location.

  4. Looks like a lovely time of year to visit Williamsburg. Squirrel patrol--ha, good that some things never change.

    The beach sounds like a good contrast to the history adventures. Enjoy!

  5. How did you time all those pictures with no other visitors in sight! Some of those photos could be sold (think: money, Sue!!) for promotional pieces. Just lovely.

    I loved the kitty reference too. As well as Dave whining for some bakery items! Have fun at the beach. But, I'll miss all the lovely architectural designs once you head to the waters.