Monday, September 16, 2013

This and that

Well, my "trusty" camera has finally, completely died.   It had a slight accident at Uncle Mike's fly in breakfast, but it has been inexorably moving in that direction for quite some time.   Sigh.  I hate new things, I don't like to have to learn new things.    I'm trying to get better at accepting change, sometimes I  find myself almost enjoying it.    I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet and get another camera because all I have now is my little old flip phone and the Ipad (which is just too big to carry around....).

Another change I've been struggling with is google chrome and how it relates to this blog.   It doesn't!
I've been fooling around almost daily with the d amn thing and it just won't let me post.    Finally I tried the "Firefox" way in and that is how I came to be here tonight!   Shhhh, don't tell Chrome.

Not too much new here at home.   We sold our second jeep in preparation for being a 2 car family, I've been under the weather with divertic problems, Dave's hand is healing nicely and he's progressing through the post op physical therapy course, and the weather has turned downright cold.     We're planning to blow this town the last week of October!

Here are a couple of random phone shots of the last week or so...  The first was taken after a lovely lunch lakeside after attending the Fly-in breakfast Sunday.   No, we didn't eat breakfast AND lunch out, just lunch at the lake.

on the breakwall at Point Breeze (Lake Ontario)

Hurd Orchard's beautiful dried flower ceiling

Hurd's windows are lined with sparkling bottles of infused vinegars
 On our way home that day, we stopped in at a favorite fall place.    Hurd Orchards.   Its a small, family owned, women run orchard that specializes in heirloom apples and all manner of interesting vinegars, preserves, baked good and gifts.   These women are artists, the building shimmers with the light streaming through banks of windows lined with jewel toned bottles of herb and fruit infused vinegars and the ceiling is completely covered with flowers drying.

an injured worker in Mr. David's Woodworking  Shop works on a very personal table leg for Beluga

Ta Da!!!
 I picked a wonderfully twisted lilac branch from one of our very very old bushes and Mr. David turned it into a wonky table leg for the curly maple chair side table in Beluga.  Nice to carry  a piece of the homestead with us wherever we go.

 Our son has had a very "exciting" time this past week.    He just relocated from Eugene, Oregon to - Boulder, Colorado.   I guess you know where this is going.....     He's renting a room there while he attends Univ. of Colorado.   Luckily the house he's in is on a ridge, above all the terrible flooding but it has been a trying time to say the least.   School has been closed, backing up work and the roads are almost non-existent.     To put the icing on the cake, one of the bedrooms above him started on fire last night, with its occupant soundly sleeping.    Another roomie got the woman out and Jesse managed to douse the fire, but not before he took on way too much smoke and the fire damaged way too much of the room.   Phew!


  1. I love that ceiling. How clever!

    What a cool idea for the leg of the table. Good thinking!

    We are so happy that Jesse is safe. So sorry to hear about the fire. Those poor people just can't catch a break.

  2. Poor Jesse! That goodness he is all right with all the goings on there. Please let us know if he is okay from the smoke he inhaled. Boulder is such a beautiful town. Hopefully, Jesse will get to enjoy some of that one day.

    I love your table leg. Very clever:) Great job by the one armed wood worker!

    I struggle with change as well. Why do I need to learn a new device when the old one was so understood. When something breaks, we don't have much of a choice. Good luck with getting a camera. There are some real nice small, pocket models that take amazing pictures.

    Hope you are feeling better, Sue. Good to hear Dave is moving forward.

  3. It's no fun learning new gadgets. My camera is getting pretty old and I have been eyeing the Nikon Cool Pix 9500. It's a pocket digital camera that gets excellent reviews and is available at Costco.

    Love the table leg! It's not easy to customize an RV with everything built in...that's a nice touch!

  4. Wow ...close call for Jesse. How's he feeling now with that smoke inhalation?? And Ruby...okay??

    Dave has a very interesting mind and so many abilities ...and you must have really challenged him with that crooked lilac branch. Clever .....keep the old retired guy busy dreaming up how to do things for Beluga!

    Hope you're feeling better ...