Monday, September 8, 2014

Back at Turning Stone RV

We're back at the Villages at Turning Stone RV Resort, just a few hours from home.   This is a perfect place to spend the last few hours of our sweet Cape Cod trip.   Today was a beautiful and sunny warm day.   The oppressive humidity of last week is gone and the sky is blue and clear.

I won't post any more pictures of Dave happily eating lobster, you know what that looks like.   Lobster for lunch and/or dinner.....every day.    He's one happy camper.

We did more than eat, but I won't lie,  eating was a big part of our trip.   We found a lovely little bakery in Sandwich (Cape Cod's oldest town, settled in 1639), Beth's, and had......lobster rolls......for lunch and a little something sweet.      We practically cleaned out their dessert case two days in a row.

Cindy and Walter Ponder their purchase

We walked around the beautiful New England town after lunch, doing a bit of window shopping.  One afternoon we visited the Sandwich Glass Museum.    It made interesting use of holographic tour guides in some of the displays, very enjoyable.

We all decided that if we ever find ourselves in Sandwich without our homes on wheels, we'd surely stay at this interesting inn, a beautiful old church repurposed into a very upscale B&B and Bistro.

one of the Belfry Inn's dining rooms

We discovered the Heritage Museum and Gardens too late in the day to do a tour justice, so we put it on our "to do next time" list.

Oh Dave.......

We enjoyed lazy mornings at the campground, then spent the afternoon sightseeing or walking on the beach.   Late afternoon's found us at the Pond's site for cocktail hour and dinner was either at Beluga or a nearby restaurant.   Early to bed completed our lovely and relaxing week.

french kiss at second cup

Nauset Light Beach

Cindy, Luke and Glory

Yipeeeee!   I likes this beach!

that feather moved, that feather moved, its after me, I's telling ya, it moved......

can you rub some sunscreen on my belly please?

rock n roll and donuts for second cup on the road

We leave here tomorrow morning, time to get home and back to work.    Our realtor held an open house while we were gone, wonder how that went......

tonight's beautiful harvest moon 


  1. What a moon shot!! I mean the pics of Dave and lobster were very nice, but this one takes the cake :)

  2. Mmmmm... lobster. We've been in New England once and we ate a lot of lobster. It's unbelievable how good it is. Dungeness crab in Seattle is good, but lobster is better.

  3. WOW, that is one great shot of the last harvest moon!

  4. I think you have your priorities straight :-) Love the B&B and the museum. Now aren't all Lewis' kisses French? Great fun with the bitty dogs - being safe from stealth feathers is a blessing :-) Hope that beautiful moon is a good omen for the open house!!

  5. What a great mini vacation! Sounds like you really were able to relax and enjoy life and eat lots of yummy food.

    The Sandwich Glass Museum sounds like my kind of place.

    The beach looks so warm (which would be great right about now).

    Love Lewis loving Cindy:)

    Gee, must be Friday if it is Rock and Roll!!!!!

  6. I could almost taste and smell your last few days at the Cape. Glad you included the beach photos as I have never been there. Fun shots of the dogs--Lewis's French kiss is quite something with his big beautiful ears. And oh that Harvest Moon. Another wow photo and I do hope it's a good omen about the open house.