Wednesday, September 3, 2014

On the road again.....

It feels really good.    To be back on the road again, if only for a week, rejuvenates us all.  We sleep better, we're more cheerful and even the dogs have gotten into the spirit of the trip.

We're taking a week's trip to Cape Cod with Cindy P and Walter right behind us.   Tonight we're staying only a few hours from home - the Villages at Turning Stone Casino in Verona, N.Y.

 None of us are gamblers or have any interest in stepping into the Casino but their campground is one of the nicest we've stayed at anywhere.   The sites are far apart with lush grass separating us from our neighbors.    Numerous ponds and lakes dot the grounds and tonight Beluga nestles into the mature trees next to the Pond's SunnyBrook.

Walter checks out their chosen site

Beluga is happy in this lovely, shady spot

she has a nice view too!

Dave consults with Lewis on the next leg of our trip,
 he's been there many times and his advice is invaluable

Cindy waits patiently for her cocktail

Tomorrow we'll finish the drive to Bourne, Massachusetts  and our home until Monday.    We'll walk on the beach and eat Lobster til we can't eat any to join us?

reflection of fall color


  1. Loved that last picture! very cool. It is good to be on the road. This morning there's a gentle little fog rolling over that pond in the picture and all is quiet next door. No sign of the Banks' yet. Or Sasha. Or Lewis. Just Beluga is awake, staring at the pond ahead of her. Very cute Beluga. There's something very special about travelling with friends right next door. Love it.

  2. What a wonderful trip with friends - and that casino campground is amazing!! I have no doubt that Lewis is a most excellent trip planner, having consulted with Sasha first I'm sure :-) Believe me, if I was just a little bit closer (like not on the opposite coast) I would be all over that dinner invite! Have a great time satisfying that itch :-)

  3. Woo hoo! On the road again...albiet briefly! Good for you guys!

  4. So glad to see Dave is asking advice:) I am sure Lewis is full of wisdom and valuable tips. I did notice the flowers that came along for the trip or did the "flower bandit" strike in the night!!!

    I do believe that Lewis is waiting for a treat, too, while Cindy waits for her cocktail:) Sure do miss my buddies.

    Looks like a beautiful park. No wonder you only went a little ways to enjoy this atmosphere.

  5. What a lovely idea to take a short trip to the Cape with friends. We have never been there but the lobster alone would be a big enticement. Love the photo of Lewis advising Dave and the reflection of fall color is gorgeous.