Thursday, September 18, 2014


No progress on the sale of the farm, but lots of progress on the cottage build.

Dave peeks in the front door

It has been hard making plans for the winter with so many things up in the air, but today  I put a stake in the ground.   I booked our usual beach house on Longboat Key for Christmas week and made plane reservations for Jesse to join us there.   Erin's plane reservations will come in a day or two and then I'll be happily looking forward to a great holiday on the Gulf.    That's as far as I'm going to look right now, as far as I have to.

Tonight we're having dinner with some old friends who live in Asheville, NC and are passing through the area.   It will be nice to see Deb and Jim even if its just for a few hours.   Saturday morning we'll have another house showing so we need to take the dogs and make ourselves scarce.  Since fall seems to be here to stay I think we'll head to the apple orchards just north of us to see what varieties are ready.     I have a real hankering for fresh apple crisp after Carol made a beautiful one for us on Sunday.    She was kind enough  to send me her recipe, so I need some fruit!.

Another fiery sunset last night.


  1. I am very excited that it is apple season. I found some fresh Honey Crisp (my favorite) at the Edmonton farmers market. I am hoping we can find an orchard when we get back to the states. You should have quite a choice in northern NY. Make sure you take a photo of the apple crisp for us:)

    Boy, the house is really coming along. It looks great!

    Crossing our fingers for a successful showing Sat. It only takes one:)

  2. What progress on the house! It must be quite exciting to see firsthand.

    Happy for your "stake in the ground." I saw how special time on Longboat Key with your family was to you. What a lovely tradition--especially your Christmas Eve dinner. Brava.

    I am also craving fall desserts; autumn is my favorite season.

  3. The cottage is really coming along!! I'm still in awe of the location :-) Fall is "officially" here now although we'll be back in the high 90's this coming week. We're making plans for our last holidays in the S&B, which is a sort of progress for us :-) Apple Crisp sounds amazing - definitely a favorite with a cup of hot tea or coffee. Fingers crossed with Pam's!