Saturday, September 13, 2014


Fall is here.    I know it doesn't officially arrive for a week or so, but its fall nonetheless.

The subject of local TV ads has changed from lawnmowers to snow blowers, our furnace has been quietly clicking on, our maples are touched with a bit of color and we're wearing jackets and socks when we take the dogs out.  

We're noticing clouds of noisy geese flying overhead, the starlings are flocking up, the red wing blackbirds are silent, probably gone.  Our beautiful valley sunsets reveal themselves in front of our big barn instead of behind it, I'm feeling the urge to make fragrant stews and roasts, apple and pumpkin desserts, red wine instead of gin and tonic.    

And.....the mice are starting to come in looking for a warm place to winter.    We'll just see about that little miceys......

A bright spot in our otherwise boring holding pattern was a great visit with former business friends stopping by on their way home to Salt Lake City.    I say former business friends because they've really moved past the "business friend" category and we consider them treasured good friends.  We enjoyed a couple good dinners, golf, a great movie and lots of just plain visiting.   Thanks Jack and Marilyn!

Sunday afternoon Don and Carol (we met them when they were parked in front of us in Polson, Montana) are coming down for dinner.    They don't live terribly far from us but are busy enjoying their new motorhome so we're looking forward to seeing them while they're in town.

I haven't seen the cottage's progress for a few days but Dave says they're going to pour the basement floor Monday.

Here are a couple pictures from last week.

Dave and Gerry the builder walk the wall

the ever moving sunset


  1. Sounds like you better start packing up Beluga and get ready to move south:)

    The cottage is coming right along. Do they have a date to be finished? I assume you won't go anywhere til the cottage is complete?

    Good to here you are getting out and having a fun time with friends:)

  2. Don't get all ready for winter yet....Indian summer will come soon. Can't wait to hear what you do about those little mice. I've got a bunny still sitting under the dachshund deck....drives us all crazy.

  3. Things are moving right along on that cottage! How exciting to watch it grow!

  4. Glad you're getting some good friend visiting done - it sure helps quench some of the itch :-) The cottage is definitely "waterfront"! It is going to be wonderful!
    We're feeling more like the face of the sun than Fall here in SoCal, but there should be some relief next week. Can't wait to be able to just drive away from the heat!!

  5. We are also definitely feeling fall in the air with temperatures in the 30s the last few nights! A gin and tonic just doesn't sound that good when it is chilly out.

    Love seeing the progress on the cottage. Exciting!

  6. I imagine a cottage to be small and made of wood materials but your cottage is far better than what I imagined. More so when it is completely done. Are you planning to migrate south soon?