Sunday, September 21, 2014


Yesterday was a beautiful fall day.   It was sunny, clear and warm.  Our realtor was showing the house in the morning so Dave and I took the opportunity to visit an apple farm in Webster, about 45 minutes north of us.   Our dear friend Barb is working there for a couple months helping them handle their traditional fall rush so it was a bonus to see her.     As expected, it was very busy at 10 a.m. so we talked a few minutes and then left with our purchases.

We bought some honey, a fresh peach pie, an interesting gourd and lots of apples.   Eating apples for both of us (different varieties) and some huge pie apples which Dave tells me he's going to turn into Carol's apple crisp this afternoon while I doze on the couch (I have a nasty cold).

We found a diner for a late breakfast/early lunch and then headed home.   Dave is scouring all the barns for just the right piece of old oak to turn into a table leaf for our round oak kitchen table.  I'd like to have a piece of the farm to take with us.

Since it was such a lovely day, almost a stolen day now that the weather is changing, that I invited the Pond's over to the lake for happy hour.    I also wanted to show them the cottage's progress.

Geneva came up with a perfect fall treat to celebrate - Apple cider margaritas!!!!   They were yummy.

Cindy and Geneva assemble the adult beverage.
Dave watches with happy anticipation and just a bit of drooling......

Ta Da!

As we were climbing over the piles of lumber, insulation and cement blocks we saw the wood wrapper lying on the ground nearby.    It is fitting that the lumber came from Eugene, Oregon don't you think?

surprise....its me at the front door!

another beautiful sunset finished our day


  1. Ha, we spent yesterday in Eugene, OR! Fingers crossed for some house selling action soon!

  2. I almost fell at the front door, facing us. How lovely to see your smile, standing there so casually, despite that horrid cold. Made me smile.

  3. Those apple-ritas look amazing! I hope you had an extra one or two for that cold :-) It's funny that you're stealing days and I'm trying to give them away.....we're back to the high 90's at least until Thursday. Love the sunset.

  4. I'm with Cindy! I couldn't believe you were in a photo smiling so we can see it:) Love this! The cold really must have gotten to you. But you are pretty good at allowing us to take distance shots.

    How interesting that the lumber is from Eugene! That means good things:)

    Good fall times with good friends in a gorgeous place with an interesting fall adult beverage...perfect:)

    My furry friends have really been overshadowed lately. I am sure, Lewis, especially, is a little disappointed.

    Love your fall photo! I ate my last fresh picked Honey Crisp before we crossed the border. They were not taking it! Hopefully when we get to Polson I can find an orchard.

    Hope you are feeling better. Snuggle in with Lew:) Take care of yourself!

  5. Once in a while it is good to see your smiling face on your blog :)
    I would like to have a taste of that Apple Margarita…is it good?
    That is an awesome sunset, I can't get a fiery one like that here in Iowa.