Tuesday, December 23, 2014


Today is the day before Christmas and we've managed to dodge all the hysteria.   Jesse and Erin are here, we sleep, work a large, challenging Christmas puzzle, walk the beach, talk, sit on the beach, listen to Christmas music, play ball and go out for wonderful dinners.   Yawn.....

The weather has been changeable.   Sometimes cool (north wind blowing up the beach), sometimes warm and humid (sit on the beach and read).    Sasha has settled in completely, Lewis enjoys the company of his family but worries about the occasional beach passerby and UPS delivery man,    Nothing to be done about it Lew...

I had a lovely birthday yesterday doing just as I pleased.   Beef Wellington's for dinner and abundant  wine with my family - what more could a girl (ahem, no comments please....) ask for.   Life is good.

good morning sweet  Rudolph

happy hour at the puzzle table

Sasha just loves to lie in the sand and watch

The grim reaper and her fiancee at a chilly happy hour


  1. That all looks and sounds extremely pleasant! Happy, happy birthday to you. I wish you a healthy, joyous year ahead!

    Lewis is such a character, I am so glad you share him with all of us in blogland!

  2. Happy Birthday sweet girl...looks rather chilly down there. We are heading to 50s on Wed. So nice to see you all but where is Kikay?

  3. Happy late birthday, Sue! You certainly deserve a day to do as you please:) How extra special to have the whole family together in FL.

    I can see how happy Lewis is to have lots of playmates. Love all the photos.

    Jesse looks happy to be with family. Good times happening:)

    Merry Christmas to all of you!

  4. Certainly looks perfect to me! A little something for everyone - maybe a little extra for Lewis :-) Great pic of him with the ball!! Happy Belated Birthday Sue. Blessings of the season for you and Dave and the whole family.

  5. Best Christmas EVER and looks wonderful. Hugs to all of you and so glad you are just relaxing and enjoying. That to me makes the holiday the best!

  6. Merry, Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday from your long, lost friends in Oregon. Looks like you found a perfect place to celebrate with family and pooches.