Monday, December 1, 2014

Day Before

I got up early this morning, earlier than I usually do because we're leaving tomorrow morning and I have lots to do.

Now I see what goes on downstairs early in the morning, while I'm peacefully snoozing upstairs.   I disrupted the family's routine by puttering around, organizing dog supplies, clothes, Christmas goodies, food, etc.     We're not leaving until early tomorrow but we have lots of appointments all day today and a quick happy hour with Cindy P and Walter later.

Its hard to travel by car now that we're used to having all Beluga's space.   Its hard for me to "pack light" as I swear I'm going to do.   We're used to having our own homemade lunches on the road and its not easy to pull that off in the jeep.  I will prevail!  

We also need to leave the house in showable condition in the off chance that someone will want to see it while we're gone.

So.....I hope these snow pictures will be the last you'll see on this blog til after the holidays.    Finger's crossed.

do you like the new "hog panel" railing at the cottage?

See you soon.

1 comment:

  1. Lewis looks less than thrilled at the thought you might be interrupting his Dad time! The snow brick photo is great - the science of temperature and texture :-) I think the hog panel looks really good. Especially because it doesn't block any of that fabulous view. Hope your successful in your "size appropriate" packing!