Sunday, December 28, 2014

Sunday - All's Quiet on the Southern Front

Jesse and Erin are safely back in Colorado and we're settled once again  in Venice for the next week.  All is quiet and calm.   The weather is stunning, high 70's, low 80's and sunny skies for the rest of our time here.  We must be doing something right!      Plus.....we have some potential exciting news.

I have way too many pictures of the last week so if you aren't in the mood, stop now.

beautiful birthday flowers from J and E

guys, guys, are you awake yet, are you in there, come out!

We went to the Mote Marine Laboratory and Aquarium one of the afternoons.   Don't ask me which day, its all a blur.   I do know that we all enjoyed ourselves.

the grinch?

My flower filcher's daily hibiscus gifts kept blowing off the porch,
so we came up with an ingenious windproof bud vase

Jesse and Erin stroll the beach

As usual, the puzzle brought out the competitive side of Jesse and Erin.   That,and they absolutely HAD to finish it before Christmas (their rules, not mine). This led to some lively discussions and twister-esque positions during happy hour.

ahem...children, play nice

Ta Da!  Finished with time to spare

ready for Christmas Eve dinner at Beach Bistro

the opening of gifts


Opening gifts is exhausting work
Jesse and Erin made real Cafe Du Monde beignets for breafast and we all pitched in to eat them.

the sifter of sugar
the plate of beignets never makes it to the table it seems!

cleaning up stone crab claw carnage after happy hour

the son throws things at his mother to keep her from the kitchen

Jesse and Erin do all the cooking on Christmas Day



  1. Great pics - glad you included all of them! Having someone cook for you is a wonderful holiday gift - and beignets? Wow!! Your location is so beautiful and that last photo really captures the magic. You all clearly had a great time :-)

    Woohoo! :-))))

  2. Looks like a sweet visit for all of you.

  3. Looks like a great way to spend the Christmas holiday. Here's to an adventure filled New Year!

  4. What a great time with Jesse and Erin:) I love that they did some of the cooking, how nice!

    Love, love Lewis with his holiday bow:) He does, however, look less than thrilled.

    Glad your weather has finally warmed up.

  5. Love the puzzle and what a lovely time it appears you had with the kids! So glad you shared and give Lewis a pat for the whole bow business!