Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Almost there

By 8 a.m. Tuesday morning we were all belted into the jeep and on the road, heading south.

The dogs wear their color coded fleece lined harness clicked into the seat belt buckle.   We feel safer that way, they tolerate the restricted movement it gives them.   I can't tell you how many times I unbuckle myself and lean over the back seat to untangle them, to make them more comfortable.   Its a real pain but we both worry about them riding loose in the back seat while we're rocketing down these semi truck filled interstate highways.

The first night we stayed in Lexington, Virginia and considered ourselves very lucky.   A nasty freezing rain event had been on our heels the entire day, but we managed to stay ahead of it and arrived at our first motel safe and dry.

We shared a pleasant albeit plebian happy hour and then ordered a healthy take out dinner so we wouldn't have to leave Lewis and Sasha alone in the room.

We had a good nights sleep (the dogs love to snuggle down in the extra queen size bed) and we were off by 8 a.m. on Wednesday.    We were enveloped in a very heavy fog as we passed through Fancy Gap but then the skies cleared and the rest of the day was partly sunny and clear.

Tonight we're in Orangeburg, South Carolina at an all suite hotel.  Comfortable and spacious for Lew and Sasha to spread out.   

Tomorrow night we'll stay at Fernandina Beach, Florida and have dinner at one of our favorite restaurants before heading down to Venice on Friday.   Hey, who's in a hurry?


  1. You are moving towards the warmer weather!! Glad all is going well and the four of you are all doing well. I love all the dog photos. Poor Sasha looks like she is trying to figure out what is going on. So glad they have harness seat belts:) Lewis is really struggling to get comfortable:) He is so cute!! Safe travels for your last two days.

  2. Nice to see you moving towards the warmth. You'll have your feet in white sand before you know it!

  3. Lewis looks so comfy on that couch. How'd he travel for you this time?
    Glad to hear you stayed ahead of that storm.

  4. Gosh I didn't realize you were on the road again, I gotta read and catch up!! Lew is oh such a poodle! Thanks for the comments on my blog and I promise to get caught up on yours even if I don't post comments on all of em! Safe travels!