Tuesday, December 9, 2014

BCA or Second Cup, part 2

Second cup was sunny, but that nasty old north wind was pushing itself on us, pushing, pushing.   In the sun it was really pleasant, out of the sun and in the wind, it was decidedly not nice.    No Ibis this day, but a beautiful Osprey brought his own goodie for second cup.  He wasn't sharing.

Sasha loves the sun, she loves to be warm.   Lewis, not so much.

wheres, Lewis?

Here's my sweet boy, filthy tennis ball at his feet.

After second cup, dinner prep (bbq ribs and mac salad) and lunch we decided to do a bit of exploring.   I was looking for a live (?) wreath to hang on the door (Christmasy smell and all) and we wanted to hit the Upper Crust Bakery before it closed for the day.    We accomplished the necessary tasks and ended up at the beach, are you surprised?    We didn't walk the beach, it was way too chilly and uber windy but we did view it.

Caspersen Beach, of fossilized shark tooth fame, really set us back on our heels today.   It was never a very wide beach, always wild surf and walking people, not sunbathing people.   It has suffered terrible beach erosion since we last were here, hardly any place to stroll, not many stretches of sand left to sift for those tiny black teeth.    Sigh....that was then, this is now.   I'm saying that more and more often lately it seems.

They say that accepting change is one of the attributes that helps a person live a long, happy life.


  1. Nature does remind us that everything changes constantly doesn't it! Still a lovely place and the spoos here are with Lewis - heat - ick! The nekkid dogs would LOVE it!

  2. That's not the beach picture I was expecting. What's all of those ridges? Can't someone come and smooth out the ridges?

  3. The cool wind can make for an unpleasant day at the beach but so glad the sun did warm you and Sasha girl:) And the water and beach are beautiful from the window of the car, as well:)

  4. Even on a hot summer day when we are staying in the shade, Tessa will lie out in the direct sun until she is panting so much she finally makes her way back in - I think Lewis may be the smarter of the three.
    Thought maybe it was high tide, but with all the hurricanes of late I can see where the beach would erode more rapidly. I'm hoping we can accept it as inevitable, but not have to always like it too :-))