Thursday, April 14, 2016

Fisher Towers

Yesterday we drove north on route 128 toward our destination of Fisher Towers.
This is one of the most scenic roads we've ever been on and we take every opportunity to do things that will route us that way.

Before we leave for the day either Dave or I take Lewis and Sasha (separately or together) to the nice grassy off leash dog area to let Lew have some fun with his new ball and to let Sasha read the newspaper.

Lewis likes to carry his own ball to the park

off they go

We drove past the turn off for Fisher Towers and explored a bit further north along the river to find a nice spot for lunch.

layers of scenery

"water side lunch spot with riparian entertainments"

After lunch we put on our boots, grabbed our hiking poles and started out on the trail toward the Fisher Towers.  

follow the trail down to the canyon floor

life springs from cracked earth

We didn't complete the entire distance, the trail had plenty of ups and downs and passed through an extremely beautiful little canyon as it wound its way up to the towering formations.   Dave reminds me its the journey, not the destination and after a few miles we turned around and did the ups and downs back to the jeep.

We could see a few people way ahead of us and we did see another couple and their little dog as we passed them or they passed us - other than that it was ours to explore.

carpet of fragrant juniper berries

These towers are favorites for rock climbers but we weren't lucky enough to see any of them this time.    One of the towers (named Ancient Art) was used in the famous Citicard tv commercial a few years ago.

High winds and possible rain were forecast for today so we decided to hang around home and take care of a few little projects.  


  1. What a beautiful area...loved the "layers of scenery."

  2. Awesome way to spend a few hours. The towers are quite spectacular and huge and fun to look at. But, isn't it grand to see life popping up from a very dry crack? And even more wonderful to have the time to notice it?

  3. This is a spectacular area! Boy do those towers loom over head with their beautiful color:) We are looking forwarding to see it again. Check out our first blog post on the area. John included the link to the commercial (if it still works). There are also awesome photos of the climbers.

  4. That's a great shot of Betsy with the mountains as her background.

  5. "The journey, not the destination." Indeed. Such a good reminder.

  6. Wonderful drive and hike, the towers are huge! The juniper berries have been more prolific than I've even seen - some of the bushes are nearly all blue. And yes, they smell heavenly. Always wonderful to find water in these dry areas.