Tuesday, April 26, 2016


The weather has been changeable here in Moab.   We have been touring and running errands and doing chores according to what we find outside our door in the morning.    The weather guessers have been doing just that, guessing.   Sometimes right, sometimes wrong.  

Saturday afternoon it was warm and sunny with a gusty wind blowing.   Perfect to wash and dry Lewis outside, not so good to clip him there.  

Sunday morning Mr. David's A-1 Mobile Poodle Grooming Van arrived to take care of that job and he quickly set up his table and supplies behind Beluga to help mitigate the wind blown clumps of  curly black hair.    I took no pictures, he's an artist and doesn't like photographs of his work.

Monday it was still windy and a bit cloudy but we had a touch of cabin fever so we headed out for a little autohike into Dead Horse Point State Park.

Before we left Beluga the temps were in the mid 60's but by the time we got up to Dead Horse Point the thermometer had dropped to the low 50's and the wind was howling.

Moments of blue sky and sunshine were interspersed with spitting rain and impressive clouds in the distance.   Needless to say we had a quick "look" over the edge, went into the visitor's center for a couple purchases and walked briskly back to the car to eat lunch.    Lunch with a view to be sure, but it was through  the sheltering windshield this day.

On our way home we took advantage of the sunny bits and turned onto this dirt road and that dirt road just to see what we could see.

beautiful blue/green fingers emerging

study in blue and green

A fourteen person blogger get together was planned for yesterday at 4 p.m. and the hope was that we'd be able to sit outside at one of the rv resorts pavilions to eat, drink and catch up,  but the strong winds and cool temperatures made that impossible.         Instead we all (except 2) met in town at Zax restaurant on Main Street.   Our waitress was a saint....she took care of all our needs, separate checks, table rearranging, seat changing, with great good humor.   She even took our picture....

Dave and I, Steve and MonaLiza, Tim and Amanda, Amanda's parents, Hector and Brenda
and Pam and John

We laughed, shared recent adventures, rv mishap stories, future plans, campground recommendations, hiking directions, food stories, family stories, just a great get together of old and new friends before we all set off in different directions again.  

Dave and the moose

Today it rained, all day long.   In between planning and reading, Lewis entertained us with his house squirrel......


  1. It was a great evening:)

    Awww, Lew, you cute thing:)

  2. I wonder what that little lady is doing under the table!
    It was a fun evening meeting new friends and old ones.

  3. Looks like a fun meet up...what the heck is ML doing?!?!?!

  4. Sometimes those iffy weather days get us out to see things we might have missed. Love the blue and green :-) Fun pics of fun people - sure wish we could have been there (testing the good waitress). Lewis looks most handsome with his new haircut, what a silly guy!

  5. Oh, that looks like SUCH a fun evening! So many of our favorite fellow travelers, all in one place. :-))

  6. That looks like so much fun! It's great that you have such a close friendly community :)