Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Gemini Bridges

Yesterday we went in search of the Gemini Bridges, two large alcove type arches standing side by side.    We approached them from the top, on a graded dirt road that was appropriate for our jeep.

We stopped at numerous "viewpoints" along route 313 as we counted the cattle guards.    Our instructions were to turn off route 191 onto 313, go over 4 cattle guards then turn onto the dirt road leading to the Gemini as we enjoyed the views we counted cattle guards.

the Monitor and Merrimack
actually....the Merrimack and the Monitor

The fantastic clouds of the past few days were still wowing us with their color and shape.

The difference yesterday was that those beautiful clouds actually dropped a little rain on us.

We found our turn and drove about 5 or 6 miles to a parking area with a short trail to the Gemini Bridges.    The road continued on down the side of the canyon but we didn't follow it.

We stayed up top and walked along the slick rock looking for the bridges.   There was no one else around, as a matter of fact, we didn't even see another car on the entire dirt road portion of our drive.    Nice.

There were no signs, just a few cairns placed so that we'd get the general direction to walk.  

No railings, ropes, or retaining walls.    Just a huge hole in the rock right in front of us with nothing to stop us from falling into it!  

I didn't get really good pictures of the narrow, twin bridges because I could only get soooo close to the edge.    One can walk over the top of each bridge, but not me.

Two people have fallen 200 feet down to their deaths trying to jump over the 6 foot gap between the spans.

gap between the two bridges

We drove back home the way we came, down the dirt road, past the 4 cattle guards and along the Moab Fault.

reason for cattle guards

route 191 along the Moab Fault

We arrived home a little late for happy hour and our usual over the fence guests evidently got tired of waiting.....



  1. Your photos of the bridges came out great! It is really hard to get photo. The bridges are at such a strange angle. You did well getting fairly close:) Good you didn't take the road down below. It can be really rough with drop offs depending how much water has rushed through. Last year we had quite a bit of water to get through and a lot of rocks. Our first year down it wasn't bad at all

  2. Great photos. We, too, would not be getting any closer. What possesses people to think they can just that gap? Crazy.
    Love that last photo...good caption. lol

  3. Nice day! I love exploring there and the views are so pretty!

  4. We did Gemini Bridges by taking a shuttle to the top (quite a ways above the bridges) and riding our bikes down. I wouldn't want to drive a vehicle down that road either!

    The clouds you've been seeing are amazing!

  5. What's up with the dinosaur??? Great pics and I think you got closer to the edge than I would have! They should call it 'natural selection' gap...... Really love the look of that canyon with all the green!

  6. Beautiful cloud formations and rock formations! Those twin bridges are very cool -- looks like something we would enjoy exploring -- but no jumping the gap! What are people thinking?? Jodee's right -- "natural selection gap" -- haha!