Tuesday, April 5, 2016

taking a look around

Its nice to stay in one spot for a month.   One doesn't have to race about trying to see everything there is to see every minute of the day.    Its nice to relax and check out the area in a more leisurely fashion.

That's what we've been doing and we're all enjoying the slower pace.  Lewis and Sasha are really loving the large, grassy off leash dog area here.   She can "doot around" to her hearts content and Lew gets to play ball as much as he wants.

looking across the Colorado River from the Potash Road
our campground is at the base of the lower mesa

Most of our exploration so far has been auto hiking because its been very windy.  When its very windy, its very dusty and that makes auto hiking a much nicer option.

Today we began our exploration at the pedestrian bridge over the Colorado River, part of the Moab Canyon Pathway, at the intersection of route 191 and scenic route 128.  

the bridge supports a number of great rock and metal sculptures

my favorite

We didn't stay outside long and soon were back in the jeep tracing path of the Colorado River along route 128 north.

driving north on rt. 128 sandwiched between sheer cliffs
and the river

Rocky Rapids

sharp bend in the river at Rocky Rapids

Fisher Towers from rt. 128

closer look from the trail

details, details

the river continues on in the distance

We got back to Beluga at happy hour but couldn't sit outside in the beautiful sun to enjoy our G&T's because our puff corn snacks kept blowing right out of the bowl!       We decided to have dinner with John and Pam across the street at the Sunset Grill.     My prime rib was just ok, but the views were worth the price!

Sunset Grill high above our rv resort,
field of deer below.......


  1. I too like your favorite sculpture, it's lovely! I think there are no bad views in Moab!

  2. Every road/trail has something pleasing to view, but I do think that Hwy 128 is close to the top of the list...

  3. I agree staying in a place for a month is so nice. The overwhelming height of the rock walls around here is amazing. So beautiful. I don't want people to think we have had a lot of wind...just one day so far:) No touring on the weekend, way too crowded for sure. Besides we both needed our weekend arrival to enjoy our new park ans spectacular surroundings:)

    The view at the Sunset Grill was great, especially at this time of year with everything so bright green. It definitely gives one the true picture as to the size of Moab. The chef would have been Chopped for sure for lack of presentation and flavor:) But the company and view made up for it:)

  4. Now that's how you make a bridge - with nice high railings on both sides! Love the art work. Great pics of the area, especially the Fisher Towers. Really like the river in the background! Had to laugh at the cheesy puffs blowing away :-))))

  5. What a lovely place to spend a month. And with such good company. :-) That bridge with the artwork is so cool! Enjoy your leisurely explorations.

  6. That scenery never gets old and worthy of hanging around for a month.