Saturday, April 2, 2016

On to Moab

We had a lazy morning yesterday and didn't leave Bluff around 11 a.m.   We've been waiting for a mail delivery from our forwarding service, but it didn't arrive before we had to leave.    The postmistress in Bluff assured me that she would send it along to our new address in Moab - finger's crossed.

The ride between Bluff and Moab (rt. 191) was absolutely beautiful.  

We were entering serious jeep country...

By 3 o'clock we were all settled into our site at Portal RV Resort, just outside of the busy town.    We'll be here for the month of April.

the view from Beluga's door

our large clean sitting area

out the front

the neighbors behind Beluga

Lewis enjoys the new views, except when the bicycles go past.


  1. missed the Jeep on the cliff!!

    Glad the deer came to visit. They came to see us last year:)

  2. Wonderful scenery - what a beautiful drive. Except the Jeep. Gives me the heeby jeebys just looking at the pic! You'll be able to see that tree fill with leaves on your patio this month, so pretty! Hope Dave will be able to enjoy some of the view......when he's not saving Lew from the killer cycles.

  3. Beautiful drive-by photos.Looks like you have a mighty fine place to call home for the next month! (Please do not attempt to follow in the path of that Jeep, however.)

  4. That Lewis....he's so adorable all neatly ensconced on Dave's lap. Nice background too!

  5. Oh Lewis you big ol lapdog you! Pretty place and hope you enjoy it. I would think early spring would be a perfect time to be there so keep us posted on the weather and. Rowds.