Saturday, August 6, 2016

A calmer day

After our exciting and somewhat "hair raising" adventure yesterday we decided to slow things down a bit today.   We had a nice relaxing morning including second cup outside and then set off for lunch and wine tasting.

interesting (to us at least) picture in the lodge

Our destination was, once again, on the Applegate Wine Trail and came highly recommended by Ginny, our new friend from the visitor's center.     Seems her granddaughter married one of the young Schmidt's from the Schmidt Family Vineyards and she felt that their winery was one of the best in the area.   Good enough for us!

As it turns out, she was right.    The tasting room was situated in a stunning timberframe lodge surrounded by acres of grass, flowers, fruit trees, vegetable gardens, immaculate chicken coop and an aviary filled with mourning doves.

Oh Dave....
he found suitably fragrant roses at last

sun ripened apricots

Since it was such a lovely day we decided to sit outside on their large and breezy patio for our tasting.    We paired it with a woodfired calzone and pizza.    We spent the afternoon eating and drinking and talking - a perfect way to spend the day I think.

our three whites and three reds were presented in glass test tubes!

all gone :(

Not only were the grounds lush and beautiful, but we both agreed that these wines were the best we'd tasted so far.    We made a tasty purchase and drove home by way of the small, historic town of Jacksonville.

  One tiny mint chip kiddie cone may have been consumed.


  1. Love your last comment! Well, come on, all your writings are so consistently engaging...can't stop reading the blog. Lovely vineyard.

  2. Such a lovely, relaxing day:) Flowers are beautiful. Glad Dave found roses with some fragrance. My favorite photo is the grape bunch and the way the light is hitting them...super capture, Sue:) What a clever idea with the test tubes for samples! I would say that one deserves a kiddie cone of mint chocolate chip:)

  3. Looks like a winery to put on my "future visit" list!

  4. I agree with Pam...the lighting on the bunch of grapes made for a gorgeous picture Sue. Such a fun and classy way to spend the day and yes a mint chocolate chip kiddie cone was a perfect way to to the day.

  5. What a beautiful building, and with such lovely grounds, wouldn't you just love going to work everyday!! The flowers are so pretty - I love the interesting stacked pods. The grapes and apricots look luscious. The test tubes are genius :-) When enjoying a quaint little town, one really should contribute to the economy, with say, a kiddie cone?

  6. Oh my goodness, I forgot to mention Schmidt when I was telling you about vineyards in the Applegate! We were there several years ago and really enjoyed it. So glad you found your way there. You have good instincts. :-)