Monday, August 15, 2016

Shasta Lake

The drive from Ashland, Oregon to Lakehead, California on I-5 was uneventful.   A bit of construction near our destination slowed us down but we pulled into Antler's RV and Marina mid afternoon.

 our lunch spot view of Mt. Shasta

We have a lovely and private campsite in the woods with full hookups and only a quiet train occasionally disrupting our peace.

site 108

We had hoped that being in the woods would help lower the temperature a bit, but it definitely hasn't.

We decided to take an autohike (the only way to see the scenery with air conditioning) around a few of the arms of Shasta Lake.   I was in the office trying to get a map of the area when an old timer (no comments please.....) passing by suggested a couple drives that he enjoys.    We took one of the dirt roads and found the "special" place he talked about.

  Unfortunately for us someone else had discovered it and had set up a tent right beside the creek so we had to content ourselves with views from the jeep and then continued up along the rutted, dirt shelf road.    Beautiful spot and a great ride, but it was still plenty hot.

Well, I'm going to stop here, the internet has slowed to a crawl and its time for bed.    Check back tomorrow?


  1. I love Mt. Shasta. It is so beautiful.

  2. Good you found some shade to help Beluga with that those temps. Nothing like an A/C "hike" on a super hot day:)

  3. Wow, 107?!! That's too much, even with low humidity. We love Mt. Shasta and have spent many happy weekends hiking on the mountain—but not in those kind of temps. :-(

  4. Dang, I keep hoping someone has found cooler temps somewhere :-( . Always fun to get info from the locals - especially "those" old timers!! Love the giant leaves shining in the sun.