Thursday, August 4, 2016


We had a nice, relaxed second cup outside while it was still lovely and just warm enough to enjoy our morning drinks.

some of us were REALLY relaxed this morning

One of the reasons we came to this area is to sample some of the wine the area is becoming famous for.    We decided to take a pretty drive on the Applegate wine trail and stop at a few places for tastings.    Two tastings are about all we can handle in one day, especially in this oppressive heat.

Our first stop was at the Troon Vineyard.   We were the only ones there today so we took a little time strolling through the vineyard enjoying the beautiful roses and the vines heavy with fruit.

oh Dave.....

We enjoyed our five wines, a few more than others.   Our tasting fee was comped.....     We enjoyed talking with our wine "ambassador" Brandy and learned a few wine related tips, not the least of which was that Malbec soothes a sunburn.    (you must pour said Malbec on the sunburn for it to have the desired effect, but you are allowed to drink the rest and that also helps she says)

We were getting hungry (we timed our Troon visit before eating lunch, not the best planning) so asked Brandy for a recommendation.   Her response was perfect - Dancin Vineyard was on my short list and she said their wood fired pizzas were excellent and their stuffed mushrooms were "life changing".   How could we go elsewhere?

these two were standing over the spurting irrigation, trying to keep cool I imagine...

We managed to snag a lovely table on the shady patio and decided to do our tasting while enjoying one of their beautiful wood fired pizzas.    Mother Nature graced us with a lovely breeze so we just sat back and enjoyed the smell of lavender, the sound of buzzing bees and dragon flies, the burble of water in the pond in front of us and  luscious sips of five different wines til our chewy/crispy pizza's arrived.   Lucky, we're so very lucky to be able to enjoy such a life.

I only took one or two pictures at Dancin not because it wasn't beautiful and serene but because I was really hungry by that time and my attentions were focused on the wine and the pizza.     Can you tell?

Tonight, after a light supper of hummus and veggies we had a surprise and welcome visit from the woman manning the visitor's center in Rouge River and her husband.     We met Ginny yesterday when we dropped in for some information on the area.   We had a great conversation with her and her husband, Gil,  when he stopped by to pick her up.  They have a nice Class A themselves and travel a bit so we had lots to talk about.  We also met their sweet brindle Boxer, Bella, and she graced us with the infamous "Boxer wiggle"!    Gil and Ginny bike on the Rogue River Greenway often and we told them to stop by when they were out.   Lewis thought they were the bees knees and cozied up to Ginny as if he'd known her in another life.    

 You meet the nicest people on the road!


  1. Whew...Mega Pizza looked really decadent! And I love that boxer wiggle. 105 is a tad hot for me though...glad that a breeze came through.

  2. Oh, Lew!! My "little" lap dog:) So darn cute:)

    What a nice day wine tasting! At least the shade is very comfortable when the humidity is down. Your lunch photo looks so comfy and pleasant. The grapes are beautiful, especially that photo with the bunches sporting green and purple:)

  3. Wow, that is a heat wave! So glad you made it out to the Applegate Valley. We enjoy meandering along the wine tasting trail there. We'll have to try Dancin Vineyards—love your photo of the grapes. Keep on tasting! :-)

  4. The Applegate Valley sure is pretty, isn't it! Too bad it's so darn hot, but you certainly found a nice way to spend a hot day!

  5. I hope no one ever tells Lewis that Dave isn't furniture - he'll be crushed! Your pics of the grapes and description of your time on the patio are just lovely. Such a wonderful time of year to be in the vineyards - you can almost forgive the heat when it makes such delicious beverages :-) I think the ponies have the right idea.