Thursday, August 18, 2016

Susanville and Susan falls

We've always believed Beluga's thermometer, we've lived by what it told us....when it told us the temperature was below zero we unhooked our exterior  water connections, when it told us it was above 80 we put our foil backed sunscreens in the windows, but could we believe this?    Could it be right?

What it told us yesterday was that it was time to move on.    These high temperatures, tinder dry ground and thunderstorms in the area told us clearly that it was time to move out of the forests and away from the potential wild fire danger.

So, we reevaluated our travel plans and decided to skip our visit to Lassen Volcanic Park and move on towards our September date in Denver a little earlier than was scheduled.

bye bye beautiful Shasta Lake

So, tonight we're happily tucked in at the Susanville RV Park (California) and tomorrow we'll move on into Nevada.

We didn't get to do or see as much as we would have liked in the Shasta Lake area because it was just to darn hot to move around much.   A return visit is assured.

Mt. Shasta

The other day we drove a bit north to the McCloud River to find the Upper, Middle and Lower Falls.    On the way we discovered a pleasant little hike in Dunsmuir leading to the Hedge Creek Falls.    Lewis was along for the ride so he joined us, screaming and barking all the way down the dirt switchbacks to the pool below the falls.   He's nothing if not enthusiastic.   Its embarrassing.  

We got to the bottom of the trail and discovered there was a small cave behind the falls.    The water was beating down on four or five large rocks, making a lot of noise and lots of spraying water.    Lewis was unsure if this was safe but decided to investigate cautiously.

It was fun to walk behind the falls and see the hanging foliage and cascading water from the other side.   The cool spray from the falls and the temperature in the little "cave" was delightful.

The short hike back to the car was not, however.   At least Lewis had expended his excitement and walked quietly up the path.   By the time we got back to the Jeep we were all dusty and sweaty again.

We stopped for a quick lunch in the picnic area for Castle Crags State Park.  We ate waterside near the spring head for Castle Creek Spring Water.

The creek was clear and full of deep sunlit pools.

After lunch we continued on our way to the McCloud River and the final three falls.

People were using the river on this hot day.  They were even using the falls.....

We walked to a couple viewing points for the middle falls, but couldn't really get a good picture of it.

Walking back from the middle falls, I caught my toe in a hole and it stopped my feet's forward progress.     Thus we ended our day of falls with the most spectacular one of the day, Sue falls.

I was not injured and did not drop my camera.    I am, however, sore in places I didn't know I had.  


  1. Smart idea to get out of the tinder box with those temps:) I can just imagine Lew's excitement at seeing a cool swim ahead. His slow trek out was total depression about having to return to the terrible heat. Hope you are getting a little cooler as you move on:) Hope all your aches and pains are better. Those darn rocks that jump out and trip us:)

  2. One of the good things about this lifestyle, if it isn't working, you can change it. We changed our plans a few weeks ago because of the heat and are in the Rockies. Those darn rocks that grab your toes.

  3. HAHAHAHA...glad you have a great sense of humor Sue. I love Sue Falls.
    By the looks of your photos, you had a gorgeous hike.

  4. We've hiked those trails to the falls many times on the beautiful McCloud—it's nice to revisit through your photos. So sorry to hear that you tripped—but your "Sue Falls" comment is funny. :-) You even discovered Castle Crags! It's a great hike to the top—but not in that kind of heat. Good decision to move on. Shasta will be waiting for you when you return.

  5. Lewis is so brave - great shot of him in the falls! Nice catch of the jumper, and I love the sunlit water. Toe grabbing holes are the worst kind - hope your sore spots recover quickly!!

  6. Really a smart move, and we will learn from your should we be in a similar scenario. I guess the heat is just a way of saying, do come back on a cooler day. And I would venture to recommend Lava Beds National Monument when you come back.
    I love Sue falls :) and glad she was not really badly hurt at all.

  7. Sorry you've fallen. It's so annoying and painful. I don't know that it would have occurred to me to leave the area due to heat and thunderstorms and the potential for fire. Thanks for putting that in my brain.

  8. Good idea to move on when you have the flexibility to do so. It's great you found some water to admire and play in...not so great you had a fall!

  9. Lewis was just reminding you to quite being uptight Mom and let it loose! LOL Nothing like the shear joy of a poodle.