Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Lazy summer day

We're finding it hard to leave our chairs overlooking the lake.   Second cup seems to be getting longer and blending into lunch.     Its so lovely outside watching the comings and goings on the water, the little dramas seen from our seats.

This morning we amused ourselves watching an older couple (no comments please.....) from our campground carry their chairs and wheel a bike carrier, filled with essentials, down to the beach while trying to convince their four little dachshunds to walk along in the same direction.      They set up their covered chairs, put down four little dog beds (from the bike carrier) and began to enjoy the lake.    The largest dog, a very overweight brown and white guy, waded directly into the water and began to swim.   One of the two black and tans began to howl and pace the shore.   The other B&T barked to be picked up and the last brindle pup sat quietly.    Back and forth the brown and white dog swam, tail wagging wildly, back and forth the black and tan paced, barking and yipping.    I don't know how the couple could stand the racket!       We watched with interest because it isn't common to see dachshunds swim,  with their tiny little legs and relatively heavy bodies.

What really caught our interest was when the man stood up to cast his lure.....All four little dogs snapped to attention and tumbled around his feet, screaming and barking and jumping around like their lives depended on it!    As soon as he sat back down, the noise stopped and they went back to their beach combing.  Stand up, screaming, sit down quiet.    Funny little dogs but I'm glad they aren't in the site next to us!

Another time there were two young brothers playing in the shallow water.    One had an inflatable tube, the other a remote control jet boat.   The older child had the boat and as soon as his mother looked the other way he zoomed his green missile directly at the smaller brother.    We were sure he would run right over him, but he was quite skilled and evidently used to this cat and mouse game.   When mom looked back, the boat was looping and racing along the shore no where near the other child.  

And on and on and on, people trying to launch their boats, people trying to load their boats, fisherpeople with varying degrees of technique and luck, Merganzers zooming through the shallows, etc.

The morning slipped away and it was lunch time before we realized we hadn't even combed our (my) hair or changed our clothes!

We're not getting much accomplished here, its just too darn nice.  

After lunch we decided to at least take a drive into the mountains in search of.....more lakes!    Our loose destinations were Hyatt Reservoir and Howard Prairie Reservoir about 15 miles from and about 3000 feet higher than our campground.

It was a beautiful ride on a twisty, jiggy road into the northwest corner of the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument.

We drove through the woods and walked around the shorelines.   We watched osprey fish and cormorants dry themselves.    And then we drove home to settle ourselves outside for happy hour and to watch the sights on the lake.

Mt. McLoughlin towering over a beautiful yellow meadow

I'm in love with these soft looking, golden hillsides

the fragrance from this lavender lined lane was delightful
as we drove by


  1. Few things more fun than people-watching - especially in a lovely location! The doggie people sound like quite the show :-))) Love the interesting orange flower - and of course the wonderful lavender.

  2. Ahhhhhh, Emigrant Lake and Southern Oregon! A happy place!

  3. Those beautiful golden rolling hills dotted with oaks are part of what lured me to move to Ashland—it reminded me of the hills of southern France. :-) Glad you discovered Hyatt and Howard Prairie Lakes—and I'm glad you're enjoying relaxing at Emigrant Lake.

  4. I have to laugh as one of our most favorite activities as kayakers is when we take out at a boat ramp and sit to wait for our ride....watching the motor boat people putting in and taking out. It can indeed be a laugh and a half!

  5. People watching is an entertainment by itself. I can imagine the conversation that transpired between you and Dave as you observed human nature.
    We might stop there this fall so its good to know what to see and do there.
    PS. Steve responded to your comment :)

  6. FOUR dachsunds! Oh my....must have been noisy. Walter says that's what you should expect from four dachsunds. Heck, we get it with just three!
    What gorgeous views you're enjoying. It will be hard to leave.

  7. Sounds like a perfect day:) It is so nice to have the entertainment come to you. People sure are fun to watch. Your drive was gorgeous. How wonderful to find a lavender lane:)

  8. Sounds like a perfect day:) It is so nice to have the entertainment come to you. People sure are fun to watch. Your drive was gorgeous. How wonderful to find a lavender lane:)