Sunday, January 7, 2018

good beginning to the new year

After leaving Santa Fe, we drove south on I-25 to Deming, New Mexico for one overnight stop before continuing our journey to Tucson and Beluga.

At one point along the way a huge, grey cloud of birds flew overhead, then another, and another.  We quickly took the next exit and followed them as best we could (a luxury we don't have when driving Beluga!).

We ended up spending a pleasant hour driving through the waterfowl area and watching the show.

fields and fields of Sandhill Cranes

gleaning the cornfields

Refreshed from our little side trip, we returned to I-25 and continued our trip.

The plan was to exit the highway in Hatch and take a shortcut south and west into Deming but we turned off a bit earlier to see what was just out of sight.   We drove along huge agricultural fields of chili peppers and cotton, and through forests of pecan trees.

On Friday afternoon we arrived at our January destination, The Springs at Borrego RV and Golf Resort in Borrego Springs, California.

Pam and John are here (our next door neighbors as a matter of fact) and had made a delicious dinner for our first night. 

Golf was on tap for yesterday and we all had a great time, this is a beautiful place and the course in in great shape.

-don't ask-

the 9th hole Widgeons

Today we watched the Bill's game......and then we loaded Lewis, Pam and John into our Jeep and went looking for Eagle Rock.    Pam always has such good suggestions and this was another fun little search.

No Treaspassing?   No Problem

It involved, ahem, gaining entry to a huge cattle range and looking for a rock outcropping purported to look like an eagle.

Lew wonders what John is doing with HIS leash.....
-don't ask-

There it is!

Pam felt if she sat on it, the eagle wouldn't try to fly away
(we humored her)

We found it!    Unfortunately we didn't spend much time there, we walked around it, looked at it, photographed it and then walked briskly back down the track to the Jeep.   When we left Borrego Springs it was hot so we were in shorts and tee shirts.   We didn't plan for the elevation change, cloud cover and brisk wind, they had dropped the temperature by about 20 degrees and we were cold!

 Tomorrow, friends Jodee and Bill are coming over for lunch and perhaps a little Jeeping.   

This is going to  be a great month!


  1. We love Borrego Springs. One of our favorites.
    Please don't tell me John and Pam are playing "50 Shades of Grey" with leash in
    I love seeing those blue skies. And am very jealous when y'all get together without us.

  2. Eagle Rock does indeed look like a petrified eagle. Although the 'approved' trail originates at the fire station in Warner Springs, I'm sure most cross the water district property.

  3. It is going to be a fantastic long as our neighbors aren't too noisy:)

  4. Time is the greatest gift - lovely detour to enjoy the cranes. Thanks for sharing!

    After today, the golf course and eagle pics are even funnier :-))))

  5. Ohhh....the Sandhill Cranes! Your photos are gorgeous. And that eagle rock really does look like an eagle! I can only imagine how much laughter is going on. I wish we were there to get into trouble with you guys. Have fun, and don't get arrested!!