Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Where do the days go?

We're busy.   A little this, a little that.  Exploration by Jeep on Saturday, golf on Sunday (one of Dave's better rounds), hiking on Monday, lunch out with new and old friends on Tuesday.

   After lunch Monday we followed Pam and John up Borrego Palm Canyon for a 3 1/4 mile hike to see one of the state's largest  palm oases.

do you see any sheep?
No, me either......

We were scanning the rocky canyon sides for Big Horn Sheep.   Pam has seen them here before.

No Dave, sheep don't wear green shirts.....

This is a popular trail in Anza Borrego State Park but it really wasn't very crowded, a happy surprise!

I love the double stripe in this boulder

We came across a lovely flowing stream well along the trail.   Just before the large oasis a recent boulder slide had blocked much of the rest of the path so I decided to let the rest of them go on without me.

this is where I stayed while the others climbed up to the large oasis at the
top of the picture

I potched around the water looking for frogs.  Pam and John startled a small one clinging to a rock as they were crossing the water but my photograph isn't good enough to show you.    I enjoyed my short wait, it was lovely and quiet with nothing but the babbling of the water and the soft shreeching of frogs.

Dave at the big oasis

After they came back down and collected me we all took an alternate trail back in order to see some Big Horn Sheep reported to be in the area.    It climbed about 90 feet up the opposite side of the canyon and then  made it's way back down to our starting point near the Park's campground.

Pam and John look for sheep while they wait for us to catch up

we had to watch our feet on this rocky trail so it was
slow going for us

In the end, we never did see any sheep.  We were all disappointed but it is what it is and we had a wonderful day nonetheless!

Today Pam and John's friends LuAnn and Terry drove over from Temecula and we joined them for lunch at Kesling's Kitchen in "downtown" Borrego Springs.
As seems to be my pattern, I took no pictures of people in the restaurant.....

lunchtime view of busy downtown Borrego Springs

But I did take a picture of the view from my seat.....and the outside of the Kesling designed building.

And lastly, here's a picture of what we see each morning while we enjoy second cup outside.    Lewis staring at the feet he sees moving around on the other side of Pam and John's motorhome next door - willing them to call him over to play.

And they do!   At least once a day they do........Oh Joy!


  1. What a dear boy! Happy camper with gramma Pamma around to play.

  2. Sweet, sweet Lew! The Big Horn Sheep always seem to hide from us too Sue! Sounds like you all are having a very nice January! We so love a little of this and a little of that!

  3. Too bad we aren't having any fun here in this beautiful desert:)

  4. So glad your perfect weather continues! What a lovely spot to relax at the rare desert oasis. The water looks clear and tranquil. I can just see Lewis' tail start to wiggle when he sees signs of life next door :-)))

  5. I like your inverted lollipop up Palm Canyon, adds a litter variety. We saw a herd of 8 on the west side of the canyon, probably near where you were on the return. How did you like Kisling's ?

    1. It's nicely done on the inside, staff is friendly and we've enjoyed our meals there. Wood fired pizzas are good. A nice change from the mexican restaurants that abound here!

  6. Looks like you are having a marvelous and relaxing time there in AZ! I am so glad....give Lou a pat for me.