Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Last days

Yesterday Dave played his last round of golf here until next year.   It was a pretty good round and we all had fun on the beautiful course. 

Dave and John played, Pam caddied and I drove the trolley and did a bit of bird watching.   I used my new App (Merlin Bird ID) to identify a tiny Yellow Rumped Warbler (Audubon Warbler) in the trees near the tee at nine.

one of a group of bright Meadowlarks on two

Yellow Rumped Warbler (Audubon Warbler)

Afterward I went into "downtown" Borrego Springs to pick up one last Julian Pie for the road. (I have absolutely NO willpower)     We laugh every time we make a left out of one of the shops or stores there.   We look both way to make sure there isn't any traffic coming before we pull out.    This is what we see, every single time.    I love it!

Palm Canyon Drive - rush hour

Pam and John left today but, for some unknown reason, our month's stay ends tomorrow, so we spent the day bathing and clipping Lewis, doing a bit of financial business that I had been putting off and generally getting ready to move on in the morning.

the dog washing station is a new addition to the
dog park here.


  1. Oh how fun, a new birding app! And Lewis is all spiffy and ready for the next adventure. Safe travels and enjoy Tucson (seems like yesterday we there at Catalina with you!). Our blog will soon be there and confuse everyone. :-)

  2. The month certainly did fly by. It was so quiet and relaxing. Arriving in Tucson is going to be tough (except for the grocery stores and Starbucks, that is). It was so nice to have total quiet at night. Can't wait to see my buddy after his spa day:)

  3. I will definitely be getting the new birding app. nothing like a sweet smelling pup to snuggle up to. Safe travels to Tucson !

  4. Love that traffic (said enviously from crazy San Diego)!

  5. Hah! I love the "traffic"! The gem show is in Tucson, and the cars are nuts. Too many snow birds are here!

  6. Lots of ways to enjoy a day on the course - love your pretty yellow birdie. After months in SoCal I'm ready for some of those traffic patterns! I catch myself "looking both ways" when crossing washes in the desert :-))

  7. Oh how we love that area too. There is just so much to see and do, and the hiking is fabulous.
    What fun to spend so much time with John and Pam. Y'all sure did take advantage of the super weather and scenery.
    Will power....who has that?