Monday, January 1, 2018

holiday surprise in a blond wrapper

We've had another wonderful holiday here in Santa Fe with Jesse and Erin and.....Tanner!

Sadly, Jesse and Erin both lost their sweet old girls not so long ago and have been missing their presence mightily.   A house becomes very quiet without a dog.    So.....just a few days before heading down to join us here they found someone to fill the hole in their hearts and their home.     May I introduce Tanner......

He is an enormous, 10 year old yellow lab that was abandoned at the Dumb Friends League in the Denver area.   I realize that I'm being harsh, and judgmental.....that there may be a perfectly good reason for breaking this sweet dog's heart, confusing him and leaving him adrift in the autumn of his life.     Sickness, death, etc.   From what I understand, these were not the reasons so, to those people I will not wish a happy new year.   It's my blog, I can be as angry as I like and you'll understand, right?

We were not expecting a new family member this holiday visit but none of us could bear the thought of leaving him in another kennel so we decided to see if we could work it out together.    Would Tanner chew the antiques or the leather couch in the casita?  Would he mess in the house, bark when we left him, fight with Lewis?   It was worth a good try and I'm happy to say that he did none of those things.    He's big and clumsy and extremely interested in any thing that may be eaten but other than those normal lab habits, he was a delightful guest and we're soooo happy he came.   We're all smitten.   Lewis was a polite host and eventually even shared his favorite perch with the big guy.

peaceable kingdom

They existed side by side without really interacting with each other.   Tanner did try to get Lewis to play a few times, but it wasn't to be,  so he accepted the situation and didn't push it.   What a good boy.

plenty of attention to go around

he discovered how comfy a king size bed could be.....

where did they go?  and why didn't they take me?

off for a walk


wearing his Christmas cracker crown dutifully

Hmmmm.  This post has become all about the big blond guy so I'll get to another one with people and places in it next, I promise!

Here is one gratuitous photo of sweet Lewis for you-know-who.



  1. I cannot fathom how anyone can dump a loyal companion like that, so I’m totally with you in that anger. Makes me fume! Kudos to Jessie and Erin for taking him in. Such a wonderful gift to an old boy. I hope they have many wonderful years with him. Happy New Year to you all!

  2. Can't stand it when anyone mistreats their pets. I'm sure that Tanner will have a good Forever Home with Jesse and Erin.
    Wishing all of you a Safe and Happy New Year.

    It's about time.

  3. We are with you just makes my stomach hurt that anyone could dump their 10 year old pup. I would have said companion, but obviously that wasn’t the case! So glad all worked out and everyone had a very nice visit and Christmas.

    Happy New Year Sue and Dave!

  4. Ahhhh, love a big yellow lab! Looks like Lewis shared his home nicely.

    Happy New year!

  5. So very glad Jesse and Erin came to the rescue. Tanner seems like a great new buddy. What a sweetie:) He will certainly have a nice life from here. Of course Lewis would be polite. He is a fine gentleman:) Thank you for the final photo. I was getting concerned:)

  6. What a sweet Christmas story! It makes my heart happy. :-)) What a lucky boy Tanner is to have found such a loving family and to get a new chance in life. And how wonderful Jesse and Erin are. They're obviously cut from the same cloth as you and Dave. Wishing all of you the very best in the New Year. Hugs from both of us!

  7. Lewis looks absurdly small next to Tanner on their couch! Thrilling visit and lovely to have a dog-dedicated blogpost! Cindy

  8. Awwwwwww. Jesse and Erin are so good for taking in Tanner. This makes me so happy. I love the the photo of the two of them on the couch together.

  9. What a perfect Christmas miracle for this sweet boy. Jesse and Erin are my heroes! Good thing you were in a nice size home with those two big boys!! Lewis is such a sweetie to share his brother and family.