Thursday, January 4, 2018

What we did on our Holiday vacation.....

So, I went a little off topic last time....talking about here are some pictures of our holiday time in Santa Fe.   Well, quite a few pictures actually.  This turned out to be a long post, sorry.

our little courtyard guardian

Jesse, Erin and Tanner arrived on Dec. 23 and we decided to stay in for the rest of the day to let him (and Lewis) settle in.

The next evening, Christmas Eve, we made dinner together and then walked down Canyon Road to enjoy the traditional Christmas Eve Farolito Walk. 

Erin brought Christmas Crackers and Tanner
dutifully wore a Christmas hat from one of them
Jesse and Erin brought goodies from their neighborhood bakery.
this bread wreath tasted as good as it looked!

these are almost as good as JoAnn's, almost......

The evening was cold (ish) and clear and we enjoyed strolling along the narrow road with rivers of other revelers.   Every surface was outlined in brown paper luminarias or farolitos.   Bonfires burned in driveways or sometimes in the middle of the street, the trees were covered in tiny lights.    Hot cider and cocoa was offered everywhere and people spontaneously broke out in Christmas carols, traditional and decidedly non-traditional.   Most of the art galleries and shops were open, their light spilling out and inviting us in.

Most days we enjoyed relaxing, walking the dogs along the "river", working a puzzle on the coffee table and eating.    Sometimes in the casita and sometimes at favorite restaurants - Geronimo, The Compound, Chez Mamou, LaBoca, Shake (for knock out burgers, fries and ice cream/shakes), etc.   One evening we made a meal of what each of us would want if we were marooned on a desert island.....we all had a good laugh!

mother and son

brother and brother

Shake turns it's back on the road

seating is picnic style out back

Erin couldn't contain herself while the lobster tails were cooking!

What would you take if you were marooned on a desert island?
Lobster and Beef Wellington?  French Fries, what?

Christmas morning I woke to the smell of Erin's Apple Pancake and Mimosas!
What did I do to deserve that!

Enough about mouth is beginning to water!

We used the fireplace every day.   The pinon pine firewood smelled divine and it was lovely to sit on it's warm raised hearth and read or talk.

 we humor him

One day Jesse and Erin drove up to Ojo Caliente for a day of soaking and pampering.  Dave and I drove up into the mountains to look around.

pines among the winter aspens

Our chosen road ended at Ski Santa Fe, base elevation over 10,000 feet.   Not much snow yet this year, but it was quite cold.   We walked along a stream that was mostly flowing under a thin layer of ice.   Beautiful and peaceful.

We slept in and went to bed early.

We walked the Plaza and browsed the surrounding shops.    We went to the IAIA Museum of Contemporary Modern Arts, inside and out.

The Saturday Farmer's Market in the Rail District is always a favorite, we did a bit of shopping and poking around one morning.

We attended a fantastic concert at the historic Lensic Performing Arts Center and walked through the Plaza, which was transformed by thousands of twinkling lights for New Year's Eve.

bourbon in a coffee cup, the Lensic keeps its patrons happy!

We didn't manage to stay awake to ring in the new year, to watch the ball drop, but we were awakened by the sounds of the Plaza's firework celebration so we did wish each other a Happy New Year before dropping off again.

Holidays always end too soon, as this one surely did.   Jesse, Erin and big Tanner packed up and headed home on New Year's day.



  1. Perfect holiday! What a wonderful way to spend Christmas...quiet and peaceful and blessed and thankful!

  2. Santa Fe looks wonderful for Christmas! Happy New Year!

  3. I can see why Jesse and Erin chose to return to Santa Fe again this Christmas. It looks and sounds like the perfect Christmas setting. What a lovely and memorable week for all and a great start for Tanner's new life filled with love. Jesse and Erin may need a bigger car now:) See you in a few short hours!!!!

  4. That bread wreath is lovely. Glad it was yummy too.
    I am with Erin when it comes to lobster tails. Excitement abound!
    We do Mimosas on Christmas morning too.
    Gorgeous photos of the water.
    Sounds like just a wonderful, blessed holiday with Jesse and Erin.

  5. What a fabulous Christmas! I loved seeing all of the photos of your cozy and festive time together. Definitely not too many photos! I've always wanted to spend a Christmas in Santa Fe, and your posts have me contemplating how to do that next year. I liked your "marooned on a desert island" dinner idea. So fun! I would want grilled salmon, roasted root vegetables, spinach salad, and flourless chocolate cake. Or creme brulee. Or both, yes, both. And an excellent zinfandel! (I'm allowed to choose more than one thing, right??)

  6. If deserted on an island I would want you guys with me - and with whatever food you brought!! Another wonderful Christmas in one of our favorite cities. I really do want to do this one year. You descriptions and photos are fabulous. It all looks perfect.