Monday, November 5, 2012

Monday in the desert (first no posts, now two!)

setting sun beams rise above the mountain in front of our site

Once again, the blog poltergeists are at work and I lose whatever I write.  So, I'll try to get a few pictures on and ask you to be patient.

We're at Sam's Family Spa in Desert Hot Springs.  Its a quirky, 70's kind of place, an oasis in the dry, dusty desert.  There are four pools filled by four different temperature hot springs and a wonderful swimming pool with waterfall.   Ducks and swans float in the small lake and palm trees and cactus are everywhere.  The mountain we're facing here in our site (168)  reminds us of camelback mountain in Scottsdale, Arizona.  As a matter of fact, the desert surrounding us puts us in mind of Scottsdale too.  Tomorrow we'll explore our surroundings, for tonight, we've settled in here and grilled a couple steaks for dinner.

a few of my treasures from Big Bear Lake are sitting on the picnic table

I know this picture is very blurry, but I posted it on purpose.  I think it captures the movement of  these little quail,  They   hustle around here at warp speed, its almost impossible to capture a clear picture of one...

sunset with palm trees and windmills!!!!

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  1. Oooh, those pools filled with different temperatures of water sounds very good right now. We're in the 30's with some raw, damp kind of weather. Good that you're out there. Gloomy here, have to perk up by reading your blog every morning, checking to see FB info, drooling over horses for sale, foster homes needed for darling little rescue dogs....oh, and I have to vote!!! Most important today.

    Love to you both.