Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday - Big Bear Lake and flying

The poltergeist is at work again tonight, but a phone call to Jesse helped me get today's pictures on the computer.   Thanks, Jess!

Big Bear Lake is south of Apple Valley in the San Bernadino Mountains, and about 4000 feet higher.   You guessed it, another drive up into the mountains on a twisty turny road.  It didn't bother me one little bit today.  The road was switchback after switchback, but not much of it was on the edge of a cliff, so I enjoyed the scenery.  We had lunch at a wonderful place, The Barnstormer Restaurant inside Big Bear Airport!.  What a cute little place right on the tarmac, Dave was in heaven and the food was great too!  We ate a breakfast/lunch as we watched the small planes take off into the wild blue yonder.  We talked about the other small airport restaurants we'd gravitated to in the past,  Scottsdale, Az., Sedona, Az., Middlesex, NY, etc.  Great local spots with a hum and bustle all their own.

view from our table, pretty nice...

After lunch we drove around the alpine lake.  Lovely homes, next to cute little cottages all along the shoreline.  It looks like its a busy place in the summer, lots of boats and marinas, but on this first weekend in November it was calm and quiet.  We stopped and walked a bit at a little park in Boulder Bay and then back in the car to follow the north shore before heading home.

Boulder Bay

dead or alive these majestic pines are beautiful

Since we had lunch out, we had dinner in.  Old and new.  Jesse's old standby marinated steak over arugula salad and a new, rather odd recipe I found, Rutabaga Bread Custard.   Mmmmm, its a keeper!  Finished everything off with pumpkin pie and we were ready to settle down with the movie we rented in keeping with our airport excursion day - Red Tails, the story of the Tuskegee Airmen.  Should be good.

a little after dinner conversation....

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  1. My favorite?? Of course, Dave and Lewis with "after-dinner" conversation. The smiles say it all!