Saturday, November 3, 2012

Saturday Sunset in Apple Valley

I'm sitting here at the computer, a pumpkin pie baking in the oven, Dave in the bedroom watching the important Oregon Ducks vs USC game on the bedroom tv.  In the living room, we only get 2 channels using the antenna, but the bedroom tv seems to pull in 10 or more (mostly public access)....Don't know whats up with that, but we just go with the flow around here.

Usually the day after a long drive we just hang out and relax a bit, so thats pretty much what we did.  It was a beautiful, sunny, warm day (sorry, I know I'm repeating myself daily, but....) and after lunch we set out to find the Apple Valley Walmart and our much needed prescriptions.  Lord deliver me from Walmart.

Next time we travel, I'm going to put our prescriptions with Wahlgreens, or Rite Aid, or anyone else but Walmart.  I won't go into particulars, but I've had just about enough.   It takes quite a bit to make me this grumpy, but I've reached my limit.

Ahem....I'm composed now and life is good, meds. in hand.  Thank you Dr. Tan.

The sunset was gorgeous tonight, but not in the west.  The sky to the east was lit up with a fanciful cloud formation that stayed with me through the whole process.

the cloud show out Beluga's windshield

what do you think Jeannie?

JoAnn, do you see what is in the lower left corner of Beluga's windshield?  You sent that to us and I put it in the window each time we land somewhere.  It makes people smile when they walk past.

After left over pizza and red wine dinner we're going to settle down and watch Hunger Games on DVD.  Since we've such limited TV selections, we're taking advantage of a very close RedBox location.  Last night we saw "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" and loved it.  Tonight's movie will be a change of pace, don't you think?

We'll enjoy our extra hour of sleep tonight and I think tomorrow we'll get a bit adventurous and see if we can find Big Bear Lake....


  1. As Fred and I were "catching up" on Beluga's adventure, tonights blog appeared and I just had to comment on those AMAZING sunsets! :) Stunning... truely breathtaking! I'm not sure if you realize how much joy you have brought to so many in allowing us to join you on your adventure. Stay safe and enjoy!

  2. Yes, I second that! And what fabulous cloud formations! Those were truly spectacular...might even rival some of the ones we have in WNY.

    Okay ...but enough of clouds and Walmart problems....I think I've found the next wire-haired dachshund! See your email. She only needs 4 pts to finish and then can be placed so will need to wait but oh, so worth it!!!

    So, enjoy that "ho-hum" weather out there. We're having some early November stuff, frosts, and the deer are running now. Beautiful to watch even at 4am when I let the dachshunds out and there were 5 of them looking at me in the light of the dogyard...all frozen in space while my non-hunter dachsies completely overlooked their presence. No earthdog trials for them! They are couch dachsies!