Saturday, May 3, 2014


Yep, BCA once again.    I probably shouldn't blog while we're in this work mode because there isn't much to say or show you - yet here I am.

The bright, spot in our week was another Friday evening fish fry with Cindy and Walter.   This time it was at their place, just a house away.   We had cocktail hour, then Walter went out and picked up our take out fish fry.   We've decided to try all the local restaurant's offerings to see which is best.   See, I told you it would be a Boring Couple sort of blog.    One gets pleasure where one can.

Glory tries a quick french kiss, but Dave is not taken in......

Belly rubs rock, even if they put you in a less than lady like position

waiting for ice to drop from the freezer.....

After our meal, little Glory worked us all for pets and attention.    She surely knows how to get pleasure where she can!

Today we continued the weeding out process and painting upstairs.   Lewis is a bit confused by the furniture moving and the blockaiding of areas he usually has access to.

one of the senior painting crew

While we met with the third and last builder at the lake, Mr. David's A-1 Painting Co. continued the sprucing up painting upstairs.   What would we do without him?   We do have one problem that  Mr. David's entire group of service providers hasn't been able to fix.....

Lewis' favorite ball - despite Mr. David's best efforts -
is round no more

caught in the act.......

fragrant double daffodils from the flower filcher


  1. Lucky you, Mr Dave is soo sweet!

  2. I rarely find daily life boring so am glad you're continuing to blog. And your pics are always delightful. The one of Louis and the smished ball is priceless!
    When all is done you will be so glad you captured it here in both words and photos.

  3. I like your BCA updates. Tackling the tasks to get the house ready for sale is challenging but invigorating at the same time. You seem to be making good progress and I am sure you are never at a loss for things to do. Glad you are enjoying your Friday nights off with friends. This time will zoom by faster than you think.

  4. I love BCA alerts...that often means dog pictures and some maintenance work by Mr. David's many and varied companies.

    Thanks for all the Glory pix! I loved Lewis' pix with the ball!

    P$ our email is down.