Saturday, May 10, 2014

Where is Sasha?

Some of you have asked where is Sasha?   Why are there more pictures of Lewis than Sasha?

I've compiled a few pictures of the old girl to show you how we most often see her....

snoozing in her crate (no need to close the door)

on the kitchen dog bed

in the back of the jeep

on the kitchen loveseat

So you can see she's alive and well and doing what she enjoys most - dozing and snoring.

      Today, however, she was in rare form.  Some guys were shooting clay pidgeons (at least that is what I think they were doing) and we were serenaded with copious banging and booming for a few hours this afternoon.  Joy.       Sasha was beside herself and followed me EVERYWHERE, puffing and panting and crashing into the back of my legs when I stopped moving.   Everywhere     I felt like I was being tailed by an old fashioned choo choo train.    Two Benadryl didn't even take the edge off her paranoia.    When Cindy and Walter stopped up for cocktails I finally had had enough and closed her in her crate before we (humans) moved to the living room to enjoy our "tonics".   She was quiet, ahhhhh.    She is now back to normal, calmly twitching and snoring on the den couch.


  1. Awww...she's such a sweetie.

  2. Living the good life of a loved senior - perfect. We are so fortunate that loud noises don't bother Tessa. Our doggies of the past were terrorized by fireworks and backfiring cars.....Tessa just looks at us like "Did you hear that?" and goes back to her business. Hugs to the sweet girl.

  3. Thank you! So glad to know Sasha hasn't changed much. She sure has lots of comfy places to do what she does best:)

  4. Glad to see Sasha is still doing well and taking full advantage of her favorite places in the house or Jeep. I know how hard it is to have fireworks, gunshot, or thunder with a nervous dog. Poor girl and poor you.