Thursday, May 22, 2014

Same old, same old

Not much new to report, to blog about but,  for what its worth, here I am.   I thought I'd show you a few pictures, in no particular order, of what I've seen and done this past week.

Since I've led you to believe that old Sasha Marie sleeps away the days, here are a couple pictures of what she does when she's awake.

She mostly sniffs and doots around the yard, following the fence line and occasionally detouring to follow a rabbit track or to pluck a tempting morsel of new grass.

Sometimes she stares down at Cindy P's farm, just to see if anyone is out doing anything worth watching.

Sometimes, if Fergie,  the pretty Husky across the street,  is out Sasha revs up her deep whiskey voice to put the youngster in her place.   Fergie never says a word, she just stares.

Then the old girl comes in the house and goes back to sleep.

Meanwhile, Lewis continues to be Lewis.    I threw a frisbie for him today, trying to introduce a bit of variety to his life, but he chased it and ripped it apart before I could get to him.    Evidently he was telling me that I shouldn't change a good formula.....

He's quite patient.   He'll wait,  fixing his laser eyes on the ball du jour until I notice him and kick it down the hall.    This day I was busy making a rhubarb pie for dessert.

making a pie is a piece of cake with my mom's old pie board

don't wear a black shirt when making pies -
see my flour belly?

the finished product cooling for dinner

Dave continues to work on the house.   Every evening, over cocktails, he says how he can't wait to get back on the road and relax.     Me too.

Last winter was a hard one in our area.  The critters used our bushes for sustenance, and I can't blame them. makes more work for us when we already have too much on our plates.

Yesterday we drove into Rochester to buy some replacement shrubs and we stopped at the beautiful Five Arch Bridge in Avon, the next town north of us.   We've passed it hundreds of times in the past, just drove on by on our way somewhere.    This time we stopped and walked around a bit.   What a beautiful structure it is, especially with the storm swollen Conesus Creek roaring along under and around it.

Sometime, when we're not on a mission, we're going to follow this leafy path near the bridge and see where it leads us.....

So, bushes selected and payed for, we came back home, ripped up the dead ones and planted these beauties.   Yes, I helped Dave plant, see my gloves on the driveway?   Needless to say neither of us has any trouble falling asleep at night, we're beat!

The feeding birds pay no attention to our labors.   They just stream down from the trees to the feeder and back again, carrying nuts and sunflowers to where they're needed.  I often watch a little Nuthatch hide peanut halves in my kitchen storm windows.   He doesn't know I can see him.....


  1. Mmmmmm...rhubarb pie. It sure is pretty in your neck of the woods!

  2. Wow...great blog tonight. I miss my daily reading ritual with you off the road now. So, it's special to check the. Computer and find a new blog. You guys must be exhausted now. Looks lovely up there. That wild man Lewis and the frisbee. Too funny.

  3. John loves strawberry rhubarb pie!!! But since you can't do strawberries, he will be fine with plan rhubarb:) Your pie is gorgeous! Love that pie board:)

    I knew Sasha had some get up and go. Look at that excitement!!! Glad you included Lewis. Love those laser eyes!

    I really do know how it is to replant bushes! They look nice.

  4. Not sure who I love more - Sasha with her deep whisky voice or Louis with his laser-eyed ball fixation....such characters. And pie is a piece of cake - har har!! Glad you took the time to enjoy the bridge - you two are working way too hard. Take care.

  5. We love pie, but during the winter I was baking and thus eating a few too many. Time to give the RV oven a break while we try and whittle down our waists.