Saturday, May 17, 2014



The weather has improved, the rain has stopped and the sun (gasp) was out this morning for our second cup.....quite chilly, but sunny.     We're not doing anything very interesting, except painting and sorting, pile making, boxing up and daily trips to Goodwill (Dave calls it Oldwill, oh Dave).
Robin says its the ultimate recycling.    I say its out of sight, out of mind.

the line of storm clouds recede, bye bye!

he leaves his slippers behind

here he is, still hard at work painting
(no, he's not deliberately painting the soles of his shoes, it just happens)

Last night we were able to slip into our dear friend's (Barb and Bob) busy schedule and met them in the pretty old town of LeRoy (birthplace of Jello) for dinner.    We enjoyed seeing them and catching up over a pretty decent meal.   We hadn't seen Barb since she was on a volunteer mission to Mexico, helping to build a potable water system for people living in the very rural area near  Chiapas.

We were pleased to see Gerry and his wife Pele while we were waiting for our food at the old Eagle House.   Gerry is a great, smiley guy who worked for Dave at AIM Co. before becoming his business partner.   Eventually,  it was Gerry (and  partner Tom) who was instrumental in allowing us to go on our Excellent Adventure and enter this wonderful new phase of our lives.   They bought out Dave's interests in AIM and set us free!

Barb, Dave and Bob patiently wait for the photographer to return

Oatka Creeks runs through the middle of LeRoy.
all the recent rains have turned it a very muddy brown.

With full hands, whats a girl to do when her husband approaches her with a poised camera????


  1. Now I do know that Sasha does something besides sleep. Let's get a smile the next time:)

    Sounds like things are moving right along. Glad you got away for a little fun with your friends:)

  2. Got to have some R&R in between rain you know.

    That's a lovely lady behind a lovely bouquet!

  3. Dave must paint like I do - bottom of shoes, INside my shirt - but we do great work! Always great to connect with friends who helped make our history, glad you took a break from all the house-work.

  4. Lilacs are my favorite flower scent.

  5. Lilacs always remind me of May Day and my mother. I had to laugh as this would have been my reaction if someone had a camera pointed at me. Glad to see that the sun has finally come out. This has been a very strange year for weather on the east coast it seems.