Tuesday, May 6, 2014

"Sunshine on my shoulders...."

...makes me happy.       My mood improves with the weather.   Its probably too much to ask for a little warmth with all this beautiful, clear sunshine though.    All in good time I hear.

I find myself noticing the natural beauty that is just beginning to come to life around this farm.  No, no foals flopped on their sides in the pasture flicking their fuzzy little tails, or chicks peeping in the barn, but spring is showing in other ways.

the willows begin to green and the pasture is getting lush

Deer are enjoying the rapidly greening back pasture, we hear fox barking in the night, and raccoon chatter and scream as if they were being murdered.    It took us awhile to get used to these nocturnal noises, but now we can get right back to sleep after the rude awakenings.

Mrs. Phoebe takes a break from her over the porch door nest duties

Mom, mom, are you coming out mom - are you coming out?

ooooh, these sheets will smell good tonight
(pay no attention to you-know-who and his you-know-what)

And, lest you think we've been just wandering around taking pictures of spring, here is a shot of what Dave is doing right now....

And what Lewis is doing right now....


  1. You are SLOWLY coming into spring. Good to see spring is springing for you:)

    Lewis takes the best pictures. Where is poor Sasha?

  2. David poked holes in the ceiling until he found the wire? The farm is lovely as it wakes up :-). I suspect Sasha is snoozing in a sun beam somewhere and leaving the you-know-what to Lewis.

  3. I was singing with John Denver…sunshine…
    I have seen spring on the road wildflowers on the median along 65 N. I think Lewis is losing patience with you with that look.

  4. It definitely looks like spring has arrived up north. And Lewis does look like he is losing patience with mommy! :)

  5. While we were preoccupied at Betty's, I almost missed this lovely post on the awakening of springtime on the farm Breathe it all in!

    Lewis's enthusiasm fits right in with the signs of spring. He must be loving the freedom of being back at home.

    Dave seems to be tireless in his pursuit of projects. I hope you are getting excited about the progress toward getting the place on the market.