Friday, May 30, 2014

pre birthday

These past weeks have been a whirlwind of work.  We're tired, but we're making progress.  We have a couple coming to look at the house on Saturday so we've been working furiously to that end.    Whether they're interested or not, they've made us work double time to put our best foot forward and that's not a bad thing.

vacuuming the Titmouse's peanuts out of storm windows

our Miss Kim lilac is doing her best for us

this little guy took a break from his lunch to watch Dave wash windows...
I think he needs a napkin, don't you?
Last night we took a break and went to dinner at our favorite restaurant in Honeoye Falls.   Dave's big birthday is Sunday but this restaurant is only open on Thursday evenings, so.....

Honeoye Falls was beautiful last night

The Rabbit Room is on the first floor of the old Lower Mill.  The upper floor is an art gallery with changing exhibits.   Often the paintings or photographs or textiles find their way downstairs to the walls of the restaurant.


We ate way too much because the food was way too good.   I won't bore you with a description of our entire meal, but my appetizer was a grilled watermelon salad with blistered jalapeno, basil and goat cheese and one of our desserts was so good that Dave seriously entertained diving under the table to retrieve the morsel that slipped off his fork on the way to his mouth......Oh my goodness we did enjoy ourselves.

The next fun thing we have to look forward to is a visit from John And Pam of  Mr. David's Hillside and Lakefront RV Park just happens to have a 50 amp site available for them.    They arrive on Sunday, so you know they'll get to share Dave's birthday strawberry rhubarb pie and another dinner out.    It will be nice for us to take some time off and "smell the roses".   Dave looks forward to playing golf with John, he hasn't played since he and John did in Georgia in April.   It seems like such a long time ago.

I haven't told Lewis and Sasha that Gramma Pamma is on her way with cookies!


  1. Honeoye Falls is gorgeous. Looks like you have had a good run of weather.

    Happy early birthday to Mr. David. Pam and John are in for a treat--spending time with you, a lovely RV site, and birthday pie.

    Wishing you good luck with the showing tomorrow. You may be celebrating more than a birthday!

  2. My goodness that appetizer had me salivating just from the description! Have a great visit with John and Pam.

    A Great Big Happy Birthday to Dave!

  3. Good Luck on your showing today, hope the couple appreciates and notices all the hard work you did these weeks. You will never know, Sunday could be a triple celebration - a sale, birthday, and visiting friends!

    A round of golf and a round of beers and birthday cheers for Dave!

  4. Happy early birthday to the flower thief. He sure looks happy in that pic :) great that you're getting to see John and Pam again! We don't have plans for an east coast trip, but Mr.Dave's concierge and entertainment service is good enough to tempt us highly!
    Nina and Paul