Sunday, August 10, 2014

Boulder visit, part 2

Its a beautiful morning sitting beside the sparkling lake, so lets see how the blog goes today.....

After the memorial service, we took the girls back to Boulder while Jesse and Erin joined the family to spread Don's ashes at the cabin he built in the mountains near Buffalo, WY.

view of Boulder

Jess and Erin arrived home the next day and we did what had became our m.o....we headed into Boulder to try another restaurant for dinner!    I have to say that I think that we had more fabulous meals on this trip than we have ever had, night after night.    Thai, Bhutanese, Italian, Argentinian,  Spanish, Mexican, Mediterranean, "farm to table" etc. etc., they are all in Boulder.   Yummmmm.

empanadas to die for at Rincon Argentina

One night, after a dinner in downtown Denver, we walked around the neighborhood near the restored Union Station.  It was a lovely, warm evening and the streets were filled with people, strolling, eating at outdoor restaurants, sitting beside the fountains, just enjoying the area and each other.

Union Station after dark

We even managed to fit in a long happy hour with fellow bloggers, Ingrid and Al of fame at a nearby Brew Pub.    I've followed her blog for quite awhile and when I realized we were just minutes away from each other I just had to see if we could arrange a meeting.   Turns out our schedules clicked and we agreed to share happy hour.    We met at 4:30 and chattered nonstop until my phone rang at 7:05.    It was Erin, we had promised to be back at 7:00 so we could drive into Boulder and meet Jesse for dinner!    The time just flew by.      We parted with promises to "see you again down the road".

The next day Jesse, Dave and I decided to head to the Denver Botanical Gardens to see the Dale Chihuly exhibit.     Erin's beloved aunts have planned to take her in early September, so she opted to stay at the house and continue her work.  

 More on that next post.   Dave is waiting patiently with my second cup and the sun shining on the lake is hard to resist.....

a study in beige


  1. Welcome back to the lake! Glad you had a nice visit. Sounds like lots of good eats...yum!!

  2. My dad was a "simple food" kinda guy, but my godparents loved to try everything, so I learned from them the joy of food from many cultures and cuisines - sounds like there's a wonderful variety in that area! Great pic at Union Station (the three orbs you captured are interesting:-) ). Sweet pup!

  3. Lots of good eats! And again that picture of the view of Boulder is just fabulous!
    Glad that you met Al and Ingrid!