Wednesday, August 20, 2014

family visit

We're  in the middle of an unfair, frustrating and very disquieting battle with a health care insurance provider and I can't say we're making any headway.    Its been taking up much of our time of late so when Dave's brother Mike invited us to lunch and out for a boat ride we jumped at the chance.

He and his wife, Arline, keep a summer trailer on the shores of a small lake about an hour west of here, Lake Alice.     We all went out for a very good lunch then returned to Lake Alice for a cruise on their new pontoon boat.    It was a beautiful, sunny but coolish day and I absolutely couldn't wait to get out on the water again.

sister-in-law Arline

the scooter waits while Dave and Arline chat

Arline has had MS for years, but it doesn't slow her down.   She rides her snazzy candy apple red scooter at breakneck speed.   Its hard to keep up with her.    Mike attaches a small wagon to it's "trailer hitch" and she heads down the road to pick up fresh veggies at a nearby farm stand.   She happily carries the other ladies wares in her little wagon, such a deal!

Mike uncovers his new baby while Dave supervises

Ah....out on the water again with Mike and Arline

After our lovely ride, Mike brought out another one of his "toys".....a powerful and very maneuverable little remote control car.     He uses it to keep the Canada Geese off everyone's lawns.    Its just an excuse to play, I think.

the boys ready the toy.......

It actually does a great job of keeping the lawns clear of annoying goose droppings

and it entertains the guys when its not working.
Another really nice, relaxing day ended with a spectacular sunset over the valley.


  1. When dreaming about winning the lottery I often think that not needing insurance of any kind would be the greatest freedom :-). Our SIL has a pontoon boat and it is such a great way to spend time on the water - always a favorite place for me. The sunset is spectacular - the clouds and trees give it a 3D perspective that really draw me in :-))))).

  2. It's great you keep having these this getaways to break up the tough stuff (house, medical...).

  3. Fun day to forget everything else. It is amazing how the water is an instant calmer. I would have loved to see Louis with that car running around!

  4. Health insurance woes make us all go wild sometimes ....just breathe. And then RUN for that pontoon again!